George W. Bush Doesn't Like The Racism/ Name-Calling Of Trump's Tenure

Dubya Does Care… George W. Bush Speaks On Trump Presidency “I Don’t Like The Racism”

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President George W. Bush Having A Hard Time Not Being Critical Of Trump

You guys may or may not have noticed but former President George W. Bush made it through 8 years of Obama’s presidency without criticizing him. It seems he’s having a hard time doing the same for Trump. In an interview with People to promote his new book, Bush expressed disapproval about the tense times Americans are experiencing under the Trump administration.

“I don’t like the racism and I don’t like the name-calling and I don’t like the people feeling alienated,” Bush, 70, tells PEOPLE in an interview for the new issue of the magazine on newsstands Friday.

“Nobody likes that.”

We agree! Bush also described the political climate in Trump’s Washington as

“pretty ugly” (“I’m not going back nowhere!” he added for emphasis).

He does say he feels optimistic that things will be okay eventually.

“I’m optimistic about where we’ll end up. … We’ve been through these periods before and we’ve always had a way to come out of it. I’m more optimistic than some.

Bush also explained his rationale for not speaking out about the Presidents who followed his tenure:

“When President Obama got elected, friends would call: ‘You must speak out! You must do this, you must do that.’ Turns out, other people are doing the same thing this time. I didn’t feel like speaking out before because I didn’t want to complicate the job and I’m not going to this time. However, at the Bush Center we are speaking up.”

Former President George W. Bush and Former First Lady Laura Bush are doing a number of things at the Bush Center that stand in pretty direct opposition to Trump’s maneuvers, including immigration ceremonies, women’s reproductive-health programs in Africa, and leadership training for Muslim women that the Bush Center brings to Texas from the Middle East.

Bush remains undeterred about continuing these programs despite Trump’s travel ban.

“Now that you mention it, it might bother me but we’ll figure out how to bring them over.”

“There’s a lot of ways to speak out,” the former president says, “but it’s really through actions defending the values important to Laura and me. … We’re a blessed nation, and we ought to help others.”

We agree. Wow isn’t it amazing how much former President George W. Bush seems to have grown?

Hit the flip for some great evidence of Bush “caring about black people” and we don’t just mean Michelle Obama either!




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