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NAAGA Membership Has Doubled In Size Since Trump’s Election

To say that Donald Trump’s election worries minority communities is putting it lightly. There is outright fear of America’s burnt sienna POTUS. So much fear that people of color, specifically African-Americans, have sought to arm themselves at rapid rates.

According to CNN, the National African-American Gun Association has doubled it’s membership since election day adding 9,000 members since Hillary Clinton took her epic “L”.

It is reported that the NAAGA is now comprised of 18,000 members nationwide in 24 different chapters.

NAAGA leaders say that the recent increase in their membership is driven by different concerns. One of the group’s newest chapters formed in response to the election result, launching just weeks after Nov. 9, and now counting 66 members.

Dickson Amoah, the chapter’s president, said several members were alarmed by attacks on African-Americans at Trump’s campaign rallies and hateful rhetoric from Trump supporters on social media. That motivated them to organize the new chapter, he said.

Smith cited the recent rise in the number of hate groups in the United States as one factor in NAAGA’s growth. “I think the main thing that has really changed is that two years ago, fringe groups were just that: fringe groups,” he said. “But now those fringe groups are kind of like, ‘It’s cool to be racist,’ and they’ve taken that and we — our community sees that, and it scares us. You know what, let me get a gun just in case something happens, just to make sure.”

Now, we’re in full support of the second amendment, but there is nothing about increased fear of hate crimes that is “great” for America.

Justin Clyde, the manager of Stoddard’s in Atlanta, said the perception of typical gun buyers continues to change. “Your normal response was probably gonna be, you know, 40-year-old plus white guy,” Clyde said. “It’s not the case at all. Here in Atlanta we have a large demographic of different people, and it’s a wonderful thing. Our store, we see huge groups of people that, you know, don’t fit that mold, don’t fit the normal, I guess, stereotype, and it’s a lot of fun. It makes it more fun, more dynamic, and it’s pretty cool.”

A BOSSIP staff member recently visited Stoddard’s and was shocked by how accurate Justin’s statement is. There were LOTS of young black people there, age 25 and under. Many of them with their baes.

Guess couples who learn to shoot together, learn to survive together.

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