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Betsy Devos Seems To Think That Charter Schools And HBCUs Exist For The Same Reason

Who’s (wo)mans is this?!?

Secretary of Education Betsy Devos is currently being burned at the stake for a statement she released comparing the choice of sending kids to charter schools and the “choice” African-Americans’ “choice” to attend HBCUs.

Thing is, ain’t no “choice”, bih.

At one point in America’s hateful history, the only colleges and universities that Black folks COULD attend were HBCUs considering them cr-…white folks BANNED us from “their” schools.

Ain’t no “choice”, bih.

According to birdy Betsy, us colored folk are the OG’s of creating educational choices. No shots at our beloved HBCUs, but this heffa seems to think that we created Morehouse, Howard, Hampton, FAMU, Fisk, Tuskegee, North Carolina A&T and others because we just wanted better options than Yale, Harvard and Princeton…

Could she BE any more tone deaf? SMH.

Hell, even white people are shocked at how stupid Devos is!

Literally no one of any race can believe how incredibly ignorant this broad is.

THIS is who Donald Trump chose to help create educational policy in America. Godspeed.

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betsy devos hbcu



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