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Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London seen out at the Lakers vs. Spurs game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. SplashNews

Lauren London Tells her Body Shamers Her “Lil Weight” Will Come Off

Y’all asked for it. Y’all know New New don’t play that isht.

When we posted photos of Lauren and her boo Nipsey coupled up courtside at the Lakers game Sunday we knew some folks would probably notice she is still carrying some baby weight — and understandably so. It’s been less than six months since she gave birth to the couple’s son and anyone who has had more than one child knows it can be even tougher to lose the weight after a second child than the first one. But nooooooooo, haters gotta hate, so the body shamers had their chance to say their piece and now Lauren is saying hers.

The stunning actress took to Instagram with a response to all the haters:

I’ve been getting compliments on my LOOKS for years. I NEVER let it “gas me” because I knew the enduring value in all things is internal. When I decided to have my son, I knew the Internet would be cruel. I knew that casting directors would consider me out of commission for at least a year. I knew that MY BODY would change, but I did not let the fear of these things effect me to the point of going against my spirit. I asked myself: would you rather be at conflict with yourself and at peace with the world? Or at peace with yourself and at conflict with the world? I chose the latter, at that moment I was ready for whatever came with it. This lil weight will get worked off and WHO I AM WILL BE UNCOMPROMISED. WIN-WIN NO? – LL THE GREAT

WE LOVE THIS! And we hope that ALL of you take something from it. What we all think of ourselves is SO much more important than what the world thinks of us. True beauty is on the inside. We all know people with perfect bodies who have broken minds, dark hearts and ugly personalities (some of them are internet trolls too).

What did you think of Lauren’s statement? Do you think it was necessary or is she giving the situation too much energy?


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