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Sheree Whitfield Speaks On Kandi And Porsha’s Beef

Sheree Whitfield is giving her take on that messy “lesbian rumor” beef between Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams.

As previously reported Sheree dropped the bomb on a camping trip that Porsha wondered if Kandi was a closeted lesbian. Porsha responded by calling her the “Bone Collector” and then THAT super messy argument between her and Kandi took place.

As previously reported Kandi and Porsha  into a messy showdown where Kandi alleged that Porsha tongue kissed her in a club and offered to “eat her p***y till she came.” Porsha then fired back with claims that Kandi had a 7-year-relationship with a woman, and added that her husband Todd cheats under the alias “Marvin.”
Porsha’s since blamed Sheree for “embellishing” the convo that led to her Kandi beef, but Sheree’s adamant that she’s not to blame; PORSHA IS.

“Take ownership of your words and actions,” said Sheree.

Via BravoTV:

“It just went to a whole other level, but I’m glad they both had the opportunity to speak to each other without anyone else adding their two cents. It was time for them to air their grievances,” said Sheree. “But who knew the topics would go so low and be so dirty!”

“It is sad, but unfortunately Porsha only has herself to blame, yet again. She pointed the finger at me during our camping trip and now she is trying to shift the blame of this mess on to Kandi.

marlo and sheree

It appears to me that Porsha’s M.O. is to justify her actions based on those of others, and although, yes, I have been witness to times where Porsha has been provoked, there comes a time when you have to become a woman and take ownership of your words and actions.

Ooh chile!”

Sheree also LOVES being called the “Bone Collector”:

“I love it! Ha! I embrace it. These women have no problem talking about each other behind their backs, so they shouldn’t have a problem saying it to their face. I’m often caught in the middle of all of these women, so for me it’s easier to have everything out in the open.”

Sheree’s also promoting her new book “Wives, Fiancees, and Side-Chicks of Hotlanta” and will be signing copies at Kandi’s TAGS boutique.
Take that Porsha!


What do YOU think about Sheree denying being behind the Kandi/Porsha beef???




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