Chris Brown…Are You Telling Us That You Don’t Remember Beating Rihanna to The White Meat???

- By Bossip Staff

We just got a snippet of the Chris Brown interview with Larry King. The dude sounds like a kid who has yet to deal with the actuality of events and crimes he committed.

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  • L

    GOOOOOO CHRIS! He looks yummy 🙂

  • Moreaces

    I was beginning to feel good about this boy again,, he is still in denial, and not taking responsibility for his actions,, Yes Chris, that was YOU that fk’ed up your womans face,, You

  • tss

    some kinda cute…

  • Symone

    This is a cop out! Now he is the victim?!?! Now he has selective memory!! Trust me, he remembers in full detail what happened.

    And there are reports that have come out that say she never hit him first (not that it matters)!

  • cbutta80

    I am not sure what happened because I was not there when it happened but when I saw the interview on Larry King, he looked kinda puzzled. I think that there is more to this story. I don’t believe half of the things that I hear in the media. The old saying “Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear”.

  • Atl_Finest

    I wish they both would disappear. Both are just eye candy for the young crowd without any vocal skills.

  • Symone

    None of us were there, and no I do not believe everything the media reports, but to say “I don’t remember” is sad.

  • mickysweets

    i’m sure rihanna remembers everything and its a night she won’t ever forget because of this creep. i just love how he daced around every question. picked a show with an elderly man and dance all around him by not answering a straight question but hey that is chris’ career to dance right so dance on son. smh i hope some rihanna stan returns the favor to this creep.

  • NEXT_lalalove

    “It’s crazy to me…like…wow”

    How ambiguous are his answers? Speak up, kid. It’s for ur own good. Come on…get ur life back on track.

  • Alrighty Then...

    I just don’t think he meant that literally. I take it to mean he doesn’t remember DETAILS. How many of you, when you are fighting, can recall every swing, punch, or bite you took? lol!

  • Girl BYE!!

    this nicca again…. GAWD DAAAAAYUM!!!

  • Niasia

    @Cruzan Trini

    Yes the word is “crucifixtion” is hyperbolic but that is how everyone is acting about it. For one I have no children. Two if I did have a daughter I would teach her to keep her hands to herself. I would also teach her that violence is never the key and just b/c you are a woman that doesn’t mean you should be hitting others b/c there are some men who would hit you back and would she be prepared for the fight ( I will be real with my children) And I will teach her that if a man does just haul off and slap you beat his asp until you can’t recognize him. But like I said if she hits first…be prepared for a fight. B/C not everyone can hold their temper and walk away…don’t start it won’t be any! I have NEVER been hit in my life! And I have never ever hit anyone. pretty simple rule to follow REGARDLESS of gender!

  • marie benoit

    well everyone is different some people dont have the best memory

  • kKk

    you people need to relax! chris has never been good with words. what he’s trying to say is, it’s so bizarre to him, he can’t believe that he did it.

  • Girl BYE!!

    LMAO @ hannibal…OMG!!!! hahahahahahaha!

  • softy

    He doesn’t remember? Keep glazing over what you did Chris. Just when some people were starting to maybe forgive.

  • Skoopes

    Nice Niasia. I co-sign that to the fullest.

  • http://bossip miss dior

    This boy annoys me, he better not do that again. Ri may not be innocent, but he being the boy, should have known better. I believe his mum must have told him not to hit girls back even if they started hitting first.

  • excuse me.

    he’s a sociopath, he will kill someone someday and say they ran in to his knife.

  • excuse me.

    and as for what other work can he do, he can take classes to do IT work or he can become a nurse.

  • Anon

    If he’s looking for compassion, this isn’t the way to go about it.

    I certainly hope there is more to this interview than this, because an hour’s worth of “wow, that’s crazy” and not remembering anything, isn’t gonna win over anyone (beyond the hoodrats that believe Rihanna must’ve done something to warrant her beatdown).

  • Awesome-O-3000

    Umm, people blacking out with rage happens all the time. It’s scientifically proven that it can happen. Go to class somewhere people.

  • Ms. Littlejohn

    What?? Whatever… “It’s crazy to me, it’s like, wow…” What??

  • AmyWineHouseFan

    ummmmMM PLEASE somebody post pictures of Rihanna beat down to the white meat??? *crickets* anyone???

    Yall overrating this situation worser then that poor childs career.

  • olsweetdickwillie (WHO GONNA CHECK ME BOO?)

    Chris is getting sexier with age!!!

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