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Former Stripper Sues Club Cheetah

An ex-stripper has filed suit against popular ATL strip joint, Club Cheetah, alleging drugs, prostitution, and rape are all on the menu for those putting up enough cash.

For those unfamiliar, The Cheetah is a high-end ATL strip club. It’s known to be “classier” than other spots in the city, and even has a four-star restaurant inside. It’s not so much a shake joint for your favorite rapper as it is a place where white-collar types go have cigars and lobster with a lapdance on the side.

Anyway, former Cheetah dancer Alison Valente claims that she witnessed nonstop illegal activity from the moment she started working there in 2010. She claims the club has a whole secret menu for high-paid patrons to order illegal drugs and sex acts from the dancer of their choosing.

One menu item has even been dubbed the “Bill Cosby Special” — basically, for the right price, dancers who aren’t down to sell ‘extras’ are unknowingly given a date-rape drug by the club so that clients can have their way with them.

According to TMZ, In the suit, Alison says at least 7 women were sexually assaulted in this manner, including one by the club’s owner and one by an assistant to a city official. She says she herself was drugged on at least two different occasions, and has little recollection of what happened, although club managers tried to convince her that she willingly engaged in lewd sexual acts.

Alison says she was fired that same year for bringing attention to all the aforementioned.

And for those that automatically think rape allegations = money grab…Alison isn’t suing for cash. She says she doesn’t want a cent of money. She just wants the club shut down for good.

We know it gets crazy in certain strip clubs…but this is next level! Are you shocked to hear about this?



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