Involuntary “Immigrants”? Ben Carson Defends Comment About Slaves Being “Immigrants” With THIS

- By Bossip Staff

Ben Carson Responds To Immigrant Comment Critics

Dr. Ben Carson is choosing to remain purposely obtuse on the issue of whether he was right by referring to slaves as “immigrants” who had “dreams”. Many were offended by his revelation, causing him to get flamed on the internet, so instead of apologizing, Dr. Carson is now tweeting to deepen the wounds of those he’s offended.

He defends his comments by stating African Americans were “involuntary slaves”, even sharing with us the dictionary definition of the word (we assume he’s implying we don’t know the meaning of immigrant). He finishes up with a Facebook post that dissects the differences between a slave and immigrant, confusing the hell out of us. Just peep it below.


What a buffoon.


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