Check Out the First Lady’s Footwork

- By Bossip Staff

The Obamas just got back from their week long much needed vaykay. The first lady put some shoe style to her dress for all them hoes that hate on her attire.

Pop the Hood for the First Lady’s Steez…

The first lady is setting new trends, just like JFK’s wife, Jackie. The media is always trying to say what’s appropriate and what’s not for her, but this first lady doesn’t need their help. Keep being you Michelle!!!

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  • Hannibal

  • Aunt Viv

    I’m sorry but I don’t like how the sandal only half-covers the foot. Everything else in on point, as usual.

  • Aunt Viv

    Like an open-toed football cleat. Don’t love it 😦

  • Motivated Honey

    Love her!

  • m

    i don’t really like the sandals, but why i don’t see why that(or for any reason really) opens me up to being called a hoe.

  • kiki

    I want those sandals, she’s so so stylish I just love her!

  • Anna

    I won’t be breaking my neck to buy those ugly shoes.

  • Hannibal


  • raerae

    the shoes are flyyy still!

  • darealwifey

    Don’t like the shoes. I wish she would stop wearing her hair in a ponytail, too. I love the woman, and I know there is a lot of pressure on her, but she can get a cut that would look decent if she doesn’t have time to curl her hair, and just needs to wear it combed straight. The ponytail is not a good look.

  • A Mess Indeed

    I wonder how many times Michelle got “chopped down” while they were vacationing?! I know I am nosey! (Hell I would stay getting chopped up and down if Barack was wielding the sword).

  • Whatever

    Those are cute.

  • witeshoes

    I love the Obama’s,they relate to the average American, and the average American can relate to them. Thank God for this family…..Who cares about sandals and hairstlyes, besides the prententious and insecure people of the world.

  • http://bossip miss dior

    I love any woman who loves pearls.

  • cris

    she seems to got out of her way to look “mammy made” come on now…its ok to be plain sometimes but dang!

  • Miss Kesha (twitter .com/miss_kesha)

    SMH@ some of you. Even if she wore elegant Victorian dresses ya’ll would still have something negative to say. Dressing up like the Queen of England is not part of her job description.

  • kimmy

    you people need to show respect where due and embrace
    a different culture.

  • carolb

    I know you guys seem to want to compare Michelle to Jackie O, and that’s certainly what Michelle wants you to do. Jackie had a natural sense of style, though. Michelle does not. Jackie always looked classy, even when she was wearing shorts. Have you seen Michelle in shorts? Michelle has stylists that tell her what to wear and how to dress.

  • Gaviota

    Love Michelle, Hate the shoes!!!!

  • jenna love

    Barack ANd Michelle love each other that is all that matters and they look good together so get over it.


    Who cares. She, like other stars have stylists. Thats not real, she didnt choose it herself.

  • Big B

    Love Michelle, but those were the ugliest shoes ever made!
    She shouldn’t be allowed to wear them.
    Sher really innovated the whole “ballet slippers as shoes” thing, but this is not a good look!

  • Bossip Baby

    @M.C. Gusto…

    actually yes… but it seems that if we didn’t have errors then you would have nothing else to talk about. But keep them coming… trust we really appreciate all the attention you give us. :o)

  • Bossip Baby

    @M.C. Gusto

    oopppss, damn, can i get a smiley right… another type-o… didn’t mean :o) … meant 🙂 … i love malapropism and homonyms…

  • pizza

    can they not tend to they girls hair? those poor chirren look beat!

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