Bugsy’s Baby’s Mom Says She Isn’t a Gold digger

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is what 50 Cent’s baby’s mom Shaniqua Tompkins’ lawyer had to say in response to getting the boot from the crib:

“She didn’t go to school and she nursed him back to health when he got shot nine times. She’s been with him since day one, and she’s not some gold digger.”

Yeah right, how would she explain wanting to double 25K worth of child support? If she’s not a gold digger, she’s just greedy ass broad. SMH.

In case you’re interested Click Here to watch a video of 50 and Shaniqua leaving court. Her greedy ass must find a new house by the end of the school year and has to pay Bugsy 9 stacks.


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  • GD

    1st…haha…third time is definitely a charm!

  • Al-Anon

    She’s not greedy…….she’s got standards and a lifestyle to uphold!!

  • ~*~IslandNik~*~

    @ al anon.. i agree

    i think she deserves it for puttin up with his ashy ass

  • guilty pleasure

    Why shouldn’t she ask for more? She was there before he was, “Fiddy”…….

    ….and besides….the MORE you make, the MORE you take…just like “Uncle Sam”

  • http://myspace.com/afiya00 Afiya

    With all the being said why is things shaky with them, why did he have to reduce her payments and further more…why didn’t he marry her? I’m mean since she was so special in his life.

  • Bobby83636

    She isn’t a gold digger? Only God believe her. Just a few weeks ago, her profile is found at the celeb and mill dating club seekwealthy.com. She is hooking a wealthy gentleman there. How can you tell us she is’t a gold digger?

  • OneLove

    “she didn’t go to school”

    you’d think with the $25,000/month she had coming in, she could have afforded a babysitter for a few hours a day and found the time…

  • jojo

    She ain’t messing with no broke N*&a

  • da darkness

    she’s guilty.

  • pm

    The damn hospital don’t even charge 25K month to nurse someone back to health.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0whBALnwgQQ $m♥K.E.Y.

    so sick of the posters who advertise these dating websites

  • Brooklyn Bombshell

    Why shouldn’t his child live the same lifestyle that he is living? Yea she’d profit from the stacks but so would his son. How could u evict your own son… who probably worships and brags about the gorilla on a daily basis.

  • http://same jay



    50 should be shame, kicking his child out, but at the same time $25,000 a month!! Now I don’t feel so sorry for them. And I can’t stand Joe Young (50)!

  • Lady Architect

    Ok I understand the whole she was there through thick and thin and she nursed him to be better and etc. but when does that entitle you to his fortune? You may feel like you are but all of the thick and thin and nursing him should’ve been done because you were his girl and you cared for him. Obviously she had other things in mind thinking I need to stay with him cause he gonna be big and now it has backfired against her which makes her a golddigger. He is only obligated to provide for his son and 25k a month is simply crazy. 6,700 is good for a lil boy especially when I’m sure 50 adds to that by buying him hats or clothes and extra things. SMH at her not going to school to nurse him. Women will learn not to form their lives around men. At some point we must learn how to be independent.

  • White_Chick

    well she needs to work and make her own damn money and live up to those expectations… and im sure he’s still gonna take care of his child, but she need to do her own thing..


    i woulda gave her bout 10k jus to shut up and offered her lawyer a date.

  • e-ka

    Is there a picture of his baby momma, i want to know what she looks like

  • Ieshia



  • Kerry

    Your Preaching Lady Architect!!

  • Serafina

    How many years has it been since he got shot? How does playing a nurse’s aide entitle her to living the high life on his work?

    Or having his child entitle her to never make a life for herself?

    He isn’t trying to hurt his son. He is trying to show her that screwing someone that becomes rich and famous will never equal bringing your azz to school or getting a job.

    Her son is old enough and goes to school for enough hours for her to get out and do something productive besides shopping and spending his support funds.

    So yes, she is and was behaving like a gold digger. I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t even have her GED.

    She was getting more than enough to make a name for herself. To give her son someone to be proud of, she chose not to, so its no one’s fault but her own that she is going through this now.

    Darn hussy.

  • Honeydipt

    See, that’s why it doesn’t always pay to be a “ride or die chick”. They move on, move up, and leave your azz out in the cold. If she was there FOR him and WITH him before the stardom and money, and when he was laid up and shot the hell up, then he should feel somewhat grateful and obligated to help her get on her feet. Why doesn’t he just buy her a damn house, help her furnish it and just keep the monthly child support payments the same? Give her a good start and just let her take it from there. No house note, nothing to buy for it–all she has to do is take care of his son AND she needs to take her azz back to school. She can do that…maybe he will pay for her to go to college, because it’s an investment in her future and will insure that she can make it on her own later. Hell, their son won’t be a child forever! She won’t be getting those checks soon, so she’d better come up with a plan…a real woman who wasn’t a gold digger would get herself an education and take advantage of that opportunity to do so for free. People tend to help you when you are willing to help yourself. There comes a time when you have to stand on your own two feet and do you–quit depending on a man!

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  • ms meca

    … to stop him from payoing so much i think he should buy her a house furnish it with the stuff she need and i think he should buy his son everything and reduce her child support because a place for his son and a bed to sleep on is more then enuff and him buyin the clothes and shoes and evrything he needs will be cheaper then givin her 6,700.00 det goes no wher.. also she need to go to school while her son is a school and better herself cause sittin around tryin to be somebody ride or die chick gets you know where

  • Lady Architect


    I was feeling the end of your comment. The beginning sounds like you were Shaniqua talking. I think 50 was grateful atleast I hope so but if they weren’t married he’s not obligated to give her anything. What if he wasn’t famous then what would she have done? Been another mother on welfare and stuff not simply because she couldn’t afford it, but because she was relying on some cash flow and chose not to get her credentials together. I have no respect for women like that I’m sorry.

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