Birthday Swag: Eddie Murphy’s 47th

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Eddie Murphy, who shares the same birthday as his youngest daughter, celebrated his 47th year with family and friends at STK restaurant in LA last night. Damn Eddie is creepin up there.

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    Long head…

  • jojo

    DONKEY!!!! (in Shreks voice)


    Down Syndrome…

  • da darkness

    is that charlie?

  • Al-Anon

    Eddie will soon be doing Norbit II and III and Shrek IV, V and VI to support his school yard of children, babymamas and keeping Johnny Gill happy!!

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    i still like to watch the golden child and coming to america



    Why do love oh so much the Golden Child!!??

  • Rupaul

    But where’s Johnny???

    I heard he did a short concert and was singing “My My My you sho look good tonight, after all this time” and “Rub You the Right Way”

    Come on out Eddie

  • bree

    did Johnny put his cigarette out on Eddie’s face?..what is that dot?


    Whatever his preference is I don’t know, but I still think he has one of the sexiest bodies I know of. I am just upset he is being foul and not recognizing his cute little daughter to Mel B. So what, you had a bad repore with her Mom. That little girl should never suffer the loss of her daddy because of that. She didn’t ask to be brought here. Be her friend Eddie and be the bigger person.


    I hate you Bree…..

  • $m♥K.E.Y.


    I have no idea why i love such a stupid film like that. 😦

  • blackpreneur

    ======= =====

  • intenzemocha

    I don’t support anything this man does, I was recetly at the movies and they showed clips of his new movie, I cringed during the whole scene, same goes for r kelly as much as I used to enjoy his music, whenever I hear his songs now especially those with sexual inuendos, I think about how he’s a pedophile and turn it off-

    two losers in my opinion, and I won’t support anything they do



    I reread my statement…

    Why do love oh so much the Golden Child!!??

    I left out an I…LOL!!!

    It was to read…why do I love OH SO MUCH The Golden Child!!!!

    Girl I love it too…I wanted to help save the little Asian boy!!!

  • Parb

    Really interesting. I’ve seen this story at the celeb site too.


    I don’t like the fact that Eddie did not see his daughter with Scary Spice. And his Mother should spank his ass and make him see her.

    Also, how come I never see Eddie dating women who have the skin color of his MOM or his girls.

  • Mo

    Yea! He seems a little selfish. You can tell He did not want his kids to steal the spotlight from him. The little one with Spice Girl is the best looking one out of all his kids.

    Not seeing his child tells his fans how he really feels about them. As long as we go to the movies and he keeps getting paid. But then again, it’s like that with most of them.

  • John

    Time have been hard for Mr Murphy and it shows!!!

  • Another day

    Maybe he just working out but he dont look so good.

  • lisalisa

    He is NOT aging well.

  • beautiful b

    he looks like he caught something back in the 90’s and its finally starting to show.


    How can a man go out and celebrate his birthday but not the birthday of his flesh & blood…he is a pathetic excuse for a man. Regardless of how he feels about Mel B…Angel is his daughter if he didn’t want any kids with Mel…he shoulda used condoms!! I BOYCOTT EDDIE!!

  • Ms Bentley

    I use to admire Eddie when I would see pictures of him and his family out and about at functions up until now….I haven’t seen photos of him with his kids in quite some time and any man that doesn’t acknowlege his own child is less than a door mat……

  • Detroiter4Life

    @ Smokey & Nikki

    Why I still quote lines from both movies……LOL!!LOL!! I dont care what no ones says those movies are classics! ;o) I can watch now and still laugh at it like I neva seen them before! ;p That’s classic Eddie before all his BS!!

    I must admit I have no respect for a man who can’t owe up to his responsibilites…..I don’t give damn how crazy baby momma is you should still try and make a way. (not sayin Mel B is) It’s really sad because he can’t hide behind the excuse most deadbeats do and that’s financial! Get it together…Eddie!!

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