You Will Never Guess How Many Kids Shawty Lo Has…On the Low

- By Bossip Staff

Shawty Lo threw a birthday party for one of his daughters turning sixteen. We had no idea this dude was that fertile.

Pop the top to find out how many damn kids Shawty Lo actually has and to get a better gander at those fishing boots he is wearing…

It takes a strong man to raise a large family so I know Shawty Lo can withstand anything… Lo, who has 10 kids from ages 7 to 17, is the type of father that will do anything for his kids. So when his 2 daughters Ke Ke And Britney (they are not twins ) had their sweet sixteen, he had to go all out. The party was hosted by Drekia, his personal assistant, and Ecreia, his longtime girlfriend…

Freddy o

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  • Hannibal

  • *Ms. NYTX* -freshness out the oven shes a hot 1..

    10 kids…yeah yeah yeah yadda yadda….found this out yesterday…NEXT!

  • nonohater

    dat is a dam shame.

  • Poked in the Morning...

    this is what I hate about my people sometimes.

    ONE woman + ONE MAN = many children. <–this is how it should be done.


    MANY women + ONE Man = many children


    ONE woman + MANY men = many children


  • nonohater

    the “problem” is that it sets a poor example for his kids who prolly gone grow up to be hos like they mammies and daddy. and top that, who says the money gone last forever, how many ex-stars cant pay child support today for having so many dang kids by so many triflin hoodrats.


    wow ….I didnt know that but at least he takes care of them……..I just hope he doesnt have 7-10 baby mommas and if he does ……that means he never protects himself from diseases……….

  • nonohater

    he clearly aint concerned about diseases, and what is gone happen if/when dat negro catch aids?

  • KaNdI dEvInE

    Damn…thats his girl?!?! I thought she was his mom or something!!! She look hella old in the group pic!

  • *Ms. NYTX* -freshness out the oven shes a hot 1..

    @ CAT EYES
    thats what i was saying..yeah he got 10 kids but im damn sure he takes care of each one of them..

  • Imma Bay Baby


  • nonohater

    his arse look hella old himself, callin himself “Shawty”… negro please. and look at what he and the kids are wearing. this foolishness and parental ignorance is killing the ghetto.

  • nonohater

    paying child support is not “taking care” of somebody, yall ignant arses. stfu

  • Moreaces

    How many baby momma’s and why would his girlfriend, still be with this Ho, if he having kids with other women while with her… smh

  • BOOM!

    Its a well known fact in the A that Shawty Lo has aids.

  • smiley


  • smiley

    Wow…that is alot of kids but if he is taking care of them thats good….more power to him!!!!!!!!!

  • Laugheter cures it all

    UMMMMM sidenote: what the F*ck is up with the damn tutu’s did I miss something, has this become the new skirt….

  • bobby

    The only reason he’s being a father to them is because he can afford it. What about all the other dudes in the hood with 10 kids, think their takin care of their responsibilities?

  • Wenzel Dashington

    I done with ATL.

  • Man, I just don't care™

    What is the new limit on having children? I don’t see anything wrong with him having kids. Hell, he don’t make the decision to have them anyway.

  • Old Timer

    A lot of men think that if they are current with the child support that it means that they are a good parent. If they see their kids a couple times a year, they’re good parents.

    Parenting is something that you do every day, not just a couple of weeks during the summer and over Christmas holidays.

    I could probably count on both hands the number of times while I was growing up that I saw my father in my whole entire life. He thought he was a good father too.

  • LovedbyMany

    at lease he’s taking care of them. They all look well fed, and kept. Most of ya men dont even know where ya kids are……Dang stop knockin the man…Petty a**

  • Angee

    The children are beautiful!!

  • Re

    I knew this dude was 40 years old!

  • Anon

    Damn, he looks thisclose to being a “little person”.

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