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Kanye West performed at the “© Murakami” Exhibition Opening at The Brooklyn Museum in New York last night. Ye’ has been dolo these past few events, we hope everything is cool with him and Alexis…

Selita Ebanks, her forehead swag, and Stephon Marbury also hit up the event:

Check out images of Yeezy’s performance right now…

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  • Mechelle


  • Lauren


  • beautiful b

    Selita Ebanks hair is fly

  • WTF

    Selita’s eye makeup looks great!

  • Sex C

    Looks Like Kanye turned it out on stage.

  • beautiful b

    Selita has been spoted at the same places as ye’ alot lately. i hope his fiance is paying attention…cause this golddigger aint no joke…she been scouting for rings since she came on the scene.

  • bree

    ok Ye is dolo, because Alexis is PREGNANT!

    who is the asian man w/ Kanye & Marc Jacobs?

    Stephon looks great in that suit.

  • Suga Mo

    Selita and Stephon got matching shiny forehead. Is that the style??? Where can I got mine?

  • Keepin' It Real (D'Original)

    Everybody’s look good…

    Selita is looking real good… Got the 4 inch Louboutin’s on (*that’s what I’m talking ’bout).

    Marbury looking sharp…

    Asian dude is looking as happy as he can be with that big ol’ smile…

  • Negrodamus Believes

    Negrodamus believes the Asian man in the picture with Kanye, knocked on his door and asked him to play his Nintendo Wii.

  • Keepin' It Real (D'Original)


    The Asian (Japanese) dude is “Takashi Murakami”.

    He did the artwork for Kanye’s Graduation Album… They’re working together again on Kanye West’s Jewelry Line…

  • barbch

    Selita has a fiance? She is also on the wealthy men club looking for fiance too. Her picture is still on that site. I’m sure pictures tell no lies.

  • http://! JRiddles

    Selita looks pretty. Kanye is solo because he left Alexis for me and we’re getting married this summer.

  • I'm Just Me

    I love Ye but is he cross eyed? Something don’t look quite right there!

  • bree

    LMAO @ NotoriousOne..Good Morning!

    @ Keepin it Real(D’Original)

    thank you!..i thought his name was familiar.

  • Lauren

    Selita looks like a blow up doll from a Fraternity party.

  • Lauren

    @ Notorious One, LOL! And why they let Stephon Marbury out in the public, they know he can’t control himself, u know he was probably tryin to feel up on Selita’s 5 head!

  • Roman

    Kanye is already married. Check out his ring finger.

  • Lauren

    That white guy is cute!

  • Play up Pompey Girl

    Selita looks cute!

  • Ashley Seales

    @ Lauren…

    That white guy is gay! Oh and he’s Marc Jacobs too so you know he gotta be fly to make all those cool bags. Loves him!

  • Ashley Seales

    Selita’s makeup is not a good look! Less is more. Always.

  • NotoriousOne

    @ Lauren…

    “And why they let Stephon Marbury out in the public”

    It’s not like that nukka is doing anything at the Garden to earn his money! I’m hoping he’s looking at work alternatives cause he about to be unemployed.

  • Ashley Seales

    And look at the veins popping out of Kanye’s forehead on the left-hand side. I love the way he spazzes out. He gives you so much at his shows. Loves him!

  • da darkness

    Star-berry killem um. he even getting his obama on cause he got the no hair on the face look. oooooh. do the damn thing. Memphis bout to do the damn thing. i’m sayin

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