SMH: The Full Chris Brown Interview

- By Bossip Staff

We found ourselves chuckling at the part when Larry asked if Chris remembers hitting RiRi and he says, “No I don’t.” So, if you have not seen the entire video… we have the whole clean up mission in action below.

Someone get this poor thang a new PR person, stat. SMH.

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  • SexyGillian

    poor chis

  • SexyGillian

    I feel for Chris Brown, Oh well

  • mr mr

    Chris did himself NO FAVORS with the interview last night….
    did you see when he and his mom were smirking…thought Larry was gonna take it easy on that a$$
    then he flipped the script



  • SpeechLess

    Sad state of affairs. . . .

  • Tosin

    5th babay

  • Miss B

    This was a waste of an interview. Don’t get on camera and not be honest or go around in circles not answering questions.

    And his mom shou;d have went upside his head or got him help soon as he “called” her right after incident. More excuses later to come!!

  • I Dont Condone Beating Any Woman Except Black Women They Need It

    Thats right CB Whoop her ass

  • d-nice

    Stop judging. You can’t judge a person’s intention only based on the words they speak. Allow him to redeem himself. If he hits another woman then you can say he wasn’t sorry. I know none of you have made mistakes in your lives so it may be hard for you to understand but I understand. What he did was horrible. I’m just glad I server a FORGIVING God and I’m not beholding to you judgmental, perfect people.
    Let him grow up and be the man he should be – just allow him the chance to do that, my goodness!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leesa

    I think He did well, but even though he didn’t want to talk about Rihanna actions, he should have spoken more on his actions.

  • Miss B

    I don’t feel sorry for him at all. Just hope he seeks help. It’s not about judging him after we know he hits another woman. He’s already hit the same woman more than once. That’s enough of the cycle there. And if this incident was never reported to police, the violence will continue.

    I do believe Rihanna needs to seek counseling as well for her anger issues.

  • Joe

    I can see why he didn’t want to discuss Rihanna, like his lawyer said, it best for her to speak on and not him. If he was to get in to detail on everything that was said, it will just leave more room for people to make negative comments. He took responsibility for his action by pleading guilty, he does not have to explain what he did detail by detail.

  • goons

    lmaoooooo..blame it on the bow was doing all the wasnt him..

    oh chris..i see the best in everything so i am gonna say this..chris this interview was the best thing that could ever happened to and your team have a lot of work to do in the next six or so months..i better not hear no i dnt in your comback interview…lol

  • Anonymous

    Chris Brown did more damage than anything. The best thing he could have done through this entire ordeal was just to lay low, do his community service and re-surface three or four years from now when all of this has blown over.

    The only thing he is trying to do is salvage his career. This interview was horrible.

  • Jade Silver

    When is Rihanna going to do an interview? Poor Chris is running around trying to do a bad job at cleaning up his name and protecting Miss Thang. SMH.

  • statim08

    The abuser is dressed like a clown, but he ain’t even funny. He suffered temporary amnesia during the fight? This is called DENIAL.

  • Hush Boy...

    Was the beat-her-down bow tie supposed to help him look more innocent? Doesn’t he know that Rev. Juanita Bynum’s husband wore one of those too. lolz

  • tina knowles

    all i have to say to chris brown is
    you need to ask your lawyer for that check back
    because you were not prepare for that interview.
    He sit there with his mother and his lawyer and sound like he just get out of first grade.
    He should have sing his answer instead of speaking,
    his vocabulary is so limited its amazing.
    All i have to say to CB is please take so time and go to school, and to all the other artist out there , reading is fundamental.

  • mickysweets

    did ya’ll notice how he flat out lied about the previous cases of violence they had.smh and that lil smirk and his bowtie


    Not necessarily feeling the bowtie.

  • Natasha

    Chris, GOD knows your heart. Some of the people commenting on here will probably never see HEAVEN. You must forgive others in order to see the KING. Jesus died on the cross for this whole world and ask his father to forgive us for our sin. And just look at how negative some people are, as if they have the perfect life.

  • nieka

    damn if he talks about the rihanna situation his making excuse id he fart he is not sorry if he smile then he is not sorry if he doesnt what to talk about what happen (which is his GOD giveing right) then he is being a coward..HE CANNOT WIN NO MATTER WHAT HE DOES IT WILL NEVER BE RIGHT IN PEOPLE EYE..GET OVER URSELF AND LET MOVE ON SOMETHING WAY MORE SERIOUS LIKE THE HEALTH CARE REFORM..IF YOU DONT WANT TO SUPPORT CHRIS THEN WAY TALK ABOUT HIM

  • Jason

    It is so sad how there is so much hate in this world. He apologize, he can’t take back what he did. All he can do is learn from it and not to let it happen again. Damn you people!

  • JK

    He did not lie about any other cases, he just stated that there were no other events that he was arrested for, there is a difference. He needs a better PR team and a grammar school teacher to help him with his vocab. And, to his mother Joyce yes you played a part in him thinking it was acceptable to place his hands on a woman. Stats show that most violent domestic abusers where in an environment growing up where they saw abuse or experienced abuse.

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    Hush Boy…

    Was the beat-her-down bow tie supposed to help him look more innocent? Doesn’t he know that Rev. Juanita Bynum’s husband wore one of those too. lolz



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