How Precious: The “Family Guy” is at it Again

- By Bossip Staff

Kobe Bryant, his crazy ass wife Vanessa,and their girls were spotted at the Pretend City Museum in Irvine, CA, which just opened last month. While visiting the new museum, the whole family was interviewed.  Flip the hood to see.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

SMH. They should have never let Vanessa open her mouth.

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  • Greg

    hes is a smart dude.. She not so smart!!! SMDH

  • Hush Boy...

    Good Lawd! Could he have picked an uglier wife. I couldn’t focus on how dumb she is ’cause the pie face and fangs had me in a trance. Yeeeesh!

  • Hush Boy...

    And those kids…I hope those babies grow into those fugged up features.


    LMAO @ Vanessa……..


    Why do people act as if they get paid big bucks to say something good or bad about BIG BIRD, all of them Whine when playing, even Michael Jordan. Damn grow up. The person you bad mouthing could be your co-worke or classmate.

  • http://hmlt Too short

    I thought she did well, but was kind of afraid to talk . did you see how she kept looking at Kobe, OOh by the way, I lived in cali for 17 yrs before moving to where i am now, SO i named my cat Deigo, and my dog Kobe, How cute is that, LOL

  • GQ

    The whole family was real cool……….

  • Nick in ATL

    Vanessa- wow another beautiful dittz. Reminds me of Kardashian- same white girl voice. His little girl could not be any more cuter- reminds me of Russel’s youngest. (how is that?) And the older one- spitting image. Kobe got some strong genes. She just need those tee-fe-zes fixed!

  • JJ

    Vanessa is beautiful and he has a nice looking family. Good for Kobe

  • tina knowles

    what a ugly family
    kobe ugly
    vanessa even uglier
    and the kids poor soul
    get their mom and dad looks
    o the trashes family in the NBA hahah

  • Girl BYE!!

    I don’t care for Kobe either!!! Placing the rocks in front of him…… now please proceed to kick!

  • Miss Kesha (twitter .com/miss_kesha)

    I Dont Condone Beating Any Woman Except Black Women They Need It

    LMAO@ your name. You know what’s funny? Your mama and grandma are probably black women. So according to your username, hmmm…..LOL stupid.

    @topic….don’t really care about Kobe or his wife, I just had to address this ridiculousness.

  • http://bossip Cia

    the kids are beautiful!!! aww

  • rose by any other name

    Miss Kesha, @LOL~~~


    the older girl is adorable!! the younger one not so much…sorry! thats what he gets swore he was marrying something precious and thats the best the kids come out looking. vanessa is just not all!!! kim k got it all over this vampire looking chick…

  • I hear that

    @ Hush Boy…

    Yo! I’m telling yall that youngest daughter looks like Tiger Woods! LOL!!! let me stop, but for real look at her…HMMMM!!

  • I hear that

    @not a dummy
    what you expect he did go up to the high school and marry her in third period LOL!! just kidding

  • Dr. Heather

    Vanessa is very inarticulate…but what do you expect from someone who may or may not have finished high school….

    Kobe gets what he deserves…he made his choices.

  • snoop bloggy blog ( if you knew betta, you'd do betta


  • I hear that

    @Man, I just don’t care™

    that is a good question, because had they been to Boston they would know those crackers do not like our asses…But I can see them liking the players for the Celtics cause I do a lil

  • Miss B

    @Man, I just don’t care
    The Lakers are not…. repeat NOT my favorite team. The Phoenix Suns are my favorite team.

    Kobe is my favorite player.

    On a side note, I always question black people that like the Celtics. SMH. How in the hell did that happen?

    Well my favorite player in NBA is Kevin Garnett. I like basically all of the team. So while following Garnett I gained appreciation for the team as a whole.

    So I’ll say it better, KG is my favorite NBA player. I follow Hornets, Rockets, and Celtics.

  • Miss B

    @I hear that

    @Man, I just don’t care™

    that is a good question, because had they been to Boston they would know those crackers do not like our asses…But I can see them liking the players for the Celtics cause I do a lil

    Yes I like the players for the Celtics & support the black coach.

  • I hear that

    @Man, I just don’t care™
    Hell yeah my brother and his fam moved there and they hate it!

    @ Miss B

    It’s ok Boo long as you know Boston or MA for that matter is just as racist as the South

  • I hear that

    they won’t post my funny joke BOOOO!!

  • I hear that

    yeah it worked LOL!!

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