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Speaking of gold diggers…here is Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa out with their daughters. Cute girls, but their mommy is looking like she hit up Dr. 90210.

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  • phabulous

    get that money..first by the way

  • Elle of blackwomanspeak dot hyperboards dot c-o-m

    And it’s funny because she was just a pen’s scribble away from being his ex wife before he raped that girl…







  • Regina

    His wife has always been pretty. Why the hate?

  • Anna

    Kobe’s wife is not a gold digger. She stood by her man.

  • Spartylicious

    Maybe that’s just a bad angle, but hell neither one of them looks good on these pics. I’m sure those kids are cute, but maybe it’s just my disdain for Kobe and that child that he chose as his wife that makes me seem like a hater. Sorry!


    I’m glad they stayed together. Forgiving some one is the hardest thing to do. GO LAKERS!!!!!!

  • justme

    i thought that was Kim K 4 a second, but whatever cute kids! pleez dont start that race hate on this post today lets keep it friendly ppl come on its friday lol

  • White_Chick

    M_DADDY!!!!! Hey there honey!!!! Yes, forgiving is one of the hardest things to to!!!!

  • White_Chick

    @justme… u already know its coming!! LOL

  • Mel

    Mavericks gonna tear the Lakers up today!!!!!

  • Elle of blackwomanspeak dot hyperboards dot c-o-m

    Lai, he was going to trade her in for another Latina… He’s a mind snob and he bored of her…which is bound to happen when you take such pride in speaking 6 languages that you puke it at every stop and then you marry a girl you see showing her tits in a Snoop video. A 17 year old one at that… (Why didn’t you stay with your nice, smart sweetheart? She found out it was over when you announced your engagement!) He had already seen the lawyer AND she had looked at that infamous ring a LOOOOOONNNNNG time before her bought it…she had it on hold…the jeweler said so…Kobe had expressed NO INTEREST in buying it UNTIL he raped that girl… He also used to make her sit in the bedroom alone…he wouldn’t let her be interviewed or seen by photographers…I say all this because I want every black woman to think of it when they look on that picture of Kobe and his “family.”

  • Mel

    @ White _Chick

    i can already see the 300 post give it about half an hour or so! its goin down lol

  • Samyui

    Interesting enough. I saw her photos and videos at a wealthy men dating club called yesterday. I don’t think she should be there. But the pictures shoule not tell lies, I think.

  • Dixon_Girl

    Those little girls look just like thier daddy.

  • White_Chick

    @Mel.. Heck yea.. Imma go to lunch, and when I come back imma see all hell done broke lose… LOL


    The BOTTOM LINE people is that these people have THEIR OWN LIFE….Get yours together then you won’t have to JUDGE others. When you judge others, you put yourself higher than God. Who are we to judge?

    Get it together…

    LET HIM/HER with NO SIN cast the first stone! Right!

  • Lyte Bright

    he should have stayed with brandy. but i guess she wasnt “trophy” enough for him…..

  • Momo

    those kids look just like their father……UGLY!!!!

  • Negrodamus Believes

    Negrodamus believes this marriage is another attempt by Kobe Bryant to be Michael Jordan, by beating Karl Malone in the “who has the prettiest non-black women wife” race.

  • Miss. J

    Momo lmao u wrong 4 dat!

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    WOW damn she got a serios nose job WTF

    she was pretty she did not have to do that, damn i guess do what you got to do to keeps ur man

  • Tealeaf

    Cute girls, but I think his wife and Kim Pordashian look like Twins…fake and plastic.

  • justme

    @ Lai i inderstand what ur sayin, that there is nothing wrong with finding a soulmate that just so happens to be a different race. the problem comes when u are discriminating against ur own and put other races down as if they are not good enough for u

  • justme

    my bad* understand

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