Where’s Baby Kenzo???

- By Bossip Staff

So we’ve seen Kimora and the girls out shopping a ga-zillion times, so the real question here is where’s the baby boy. We’ve only seen him once…it’s time for little baby Kenzo to get shine.

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  • 2dimplzs

    He’s with his dad!

  • Royal Chocolate

    Ms K and the girls looks fabulous! Baby is probably at home with daddy.

  • Jennifer L.

    Kimora and the kids are so pretty.


    She’s hiding him in the folds in her neck.

  • enkogkneegro

    Yea so Kimoras kids are beautiful but Kobes aren’t oh I forgot you like Kimora and hate Kobes wife….

  • NC

    I bet the baby’s first words are “I’ma rock yo world”. And I’m gonna leave it at that!


    Kimora is not pretty, she looks like an average Korean chick. Does butter come with those rolls on her neck?

  • alb

    Newborns shouldn’t be out in public too much. I hate when I see young girls with parading newborn babies outside. Their immune system is too delicate for that. I know a girl who brought a 2 week old baby to a high school basketball game. Why?! Just so she can get some attention?

  • love me or hate me.

    Yea so Kimoras kids are beautiful but Kobes aren’t oh I forgot you like Kimora and hate Kobes wife….

    And I don’t know what ppl are talking about when they say Kobe’s kids aren’t beautiful b/c the kids resemble each other,they are all beautiful

  • 2dimplzs


    I’m sooo with you on that! So what it’s nice outside, that don’t mean the baby should be out in the air like that! SWINE FLU ain’t no joke people! Protect your babies! Maybe that’s the germaphobe in me but I didn’t take any of my kids out for a long time after they were born and folks couldn’t come over my house sick or unannounced! They had to pass the 1)Are you sick? If so don’t come over my house 2)Wash your hands before you touch my baby! 3) Don’t kiss my baby!

    Me and my husband didn’t play that!!

  • hi cutie

    that ugly little baby is at the zoo with his real mother a gorilla

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