Tearria Marie Pulls a Keri Hilson on Stage

- By Bossip Staff

Someone should have told Teairra before hand, if your going to do tricks on stage with people from the audience… Practice makes Perfect.

Pop it for Teairra Marie in action on her head, SMH…

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  • http://bossip I`ll Talk about what I want to talk about Nucca !

    No 1

  • http://bossip I`ll Talk about what I want to talk about Nucca !

    Shawty can move ! Didn`t know that but I like dat !

  • Miss Kesha (twitter .com/miss_kesha)

    Lol@ her wig.


    Please please show us SHINGAI SHONIWA (from the Noisettes) and not this mess with her shitty fake hair!!!

  • Rrrrroe Ski Love- A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    Dude was ready to eat that yam like it was thanksgiving!

  • TR

    LMAO at the crowd yelling for Monica to come on! It’s a wrap for your career when the audience won’t even give you the time of day….hahah!



  • facefacts


  • S-Dizzy

    she doin a little too much to sell herself….

  • Loch Ness Monster

    Don’t know who she is but she definitely exudes class.

  • charlotte

    Once again another posting of this irrelevant ho! You cant save her career so let it go

  • NC

    Ugh. Why are there girl’s playin themselves? That doesn’t make them sound any better.

  • Lee Lee

    Who is this skank….never heard of her

  • Ms. Littlejohn

    So embarassing… Whorish. Just SING! DAMN!

  • Crank That

    Now that’s a FREAK!

  • Crank That

    Why are you women calling her a hoe? I think you guys are mad because you can’t do that with your man. I heard every woman has a freaky side…

  • sin

    It’s truly sad what the female R&b Artist of Today will do to try and stay relevant. God Bless true Talent like Jill Scott, Erica Badu and Mary J Bliege who can put on a Electrifying show without being Whorish.

  • http://www.freewebs.com/bestsexever christylove

    u know what..thats what male strippers do to them big girls.. Tearria, I just saw you on AllAcess bein classey..Why why??

  • love me or hate me.

    LOL…..Did that man say b!@#h you know what they sayin?Really…lol…..wow!She made a fool of herself seriously.

  • aries chica

    Dayum she could have pick a dude that did not have a peasy looking flat top! Dayum! That is sad when her move did not go right.

  • BBBEE25

    Lol. Tierra is crazy. Lol.

  • NewOrleansBaby

    when was her last song, even though i did have her cd. I mean that was after Katrina it didn’t count I had a walmart gift card. So, what song is she performing, just asking??


    Did people actually pay to see this?

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