Whitney Trying To Get Her Swag Back

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Whitney Houston and Dionne Warwick attended Muhammad Ali’s celebrity Fight night in Arizona where Auntie Dionne spoke on Whitney’s upcoming music ventures:

“Whitney Houston is back! I’m thrilled that she’s in the studio and working on her new album. No doubt she’s overcoming everything that has been put in front of her even this week.”

She must be talking about Bobby and all his bullsh*t this past week. She better be ready for more since there more from Bobby’s crazy ass trickling out each day.

Check out more pics from this event under the hood…

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    whitney needs to get them tits fixed.

  • Passion

    She is beautiful, I love her voice!

  • He's Presidential

    I hope Whit comes back with some Fiyah it would be great. But music is different now then when she was out.

  • Dina

    Although music is a bit different talent usually shines through. She looks great and I too am hopeful that her album will be brilliant!

  • chir

    She lookin good

  • Kia Bia

    She looks good…. but I’m gay… and the sight of her boobs just made me like men. DAMN!!

  • http://www.cnn.com Super Strong Black Man

    She should do a song with Soulja Boy or Lil Mama. Now those are some talented artists to do a duet with. LOL at the music industry and the lack of talent being pushed upon are young children

  • Negrodamus Believes

    Negrodamus believes if Whitney Houston wasn’t a musical talent, she would be guest appearing on the Oxygen television show “Snapped”

  • Aoki Lee

    Why did Whitney go up in size with her breasts?

    I’m sorry it’s still difficult for me to imagine Whitney WITHOUT Bobby that’s hard to digest – it’s like Laverne without Shirley, Peanut butter without Jelly ect. ect….

  • El Zacho

    Whitney be lookin’ GOOOOOOD. So glad you’re doin’ things right now!

  • so 510 bay

    she looks really pretty

  • John

    For some reason I got a taste for a big glass of Chocolate milk!!!

  • Chuuch!!!!

    Whitney got dem TITTIES out!

    How in the hell did Prancer get to sit next to Ali?

  • KOBY

    whitney looks good.

  • JaliliMaster

    Well the No.! in America now is Leona, so Ballads are in. She doesn’t hold a candle to Whitney who would blow her out in a second. No one sings like Miss Houston. I have no doubt that her talent will shine through!

  • Yeah I Said It...


    Well the No.! in America now is Leona, so Ballads are in. She doesn’t hold a candle to Whitney who would blow her out in a second. No one sings like Miss Houston. I have no doubt that her talent will shine through!


    I don’t care for Leona Lewis’ voice at all. She’s the poor man’s Mariha Carey (who is kind of like the poor man’s Whitney).

  • Harlem Chic

    I bet Whitney is nervous as hell about a comeback. Sister can sing…but it has been a minute since she’s had a hit. Plus like someone mentioned…music is totally different now…

    Only time will tell.


    The performances was good,they did not show the performers.

    One person really showed up and showed out and I won’t mention her name she is allowing her talent to speak for her and nothing else.Smart move.WOW!!!!!Standing ovation!!!!!!

  • DM

    Halloween is in October, not April.

  • YES.WE.CAN.2008!!!

    I hope Whitney truly comes back. She deserves it. Proving folks wrong is karma: especially for crook-mouth-crackhead Bobby.

  • Koi Norelle

    I feel that Whitney looks great. If I could change something about her appearance, I’d add a few pounds to her frame so that her breast implants would look less… less- “breast implanty”…. I really hope that she records another album. She will always be one in the top 10 of my favorite singers.

  • http://none Tulay Rashid

    I wish to tell Whitney that she is amazing and no matter how difficult her past has been God is working all things together for Good and he is redeeming her. Whitney has not lost a value in God’s eyes she is priceless and more valuable that a billion stars put together. God cares for her and restoring her back to her former glory. So Whitney if you read this no that God is going to give you back a 100 fold what the devil stole from you. Stay blessed.

  • http://none Tulay Rashid

    we love you Whitney.

  • http://none Flo Joe

    Whitney sings from her soul and her heart, so any one doubting her will be in for a big surprise. Whitney’s earlier songs we deep about pain and love, and that is before she met Bobby, but now with all the experience and life she lived with Bobby she is able to tap into her soul and express herself through song about all the pain and love she has really been through. So her songs are going to be a testament of her life. As for the joy just having her daughter Bobbi Jr is going to enable her to tap deep down and rekindle the joy of knowing that not only her daughter but that her family and fans love her unconditionally and does have to try hard in proving herself she is and always will be loved and revered by everyone, because through her music and lives she has touched more people than she will ever know.



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