Jesus Take the Wheel: Brooklyn Man Shoots Wife in Public

- By Bossip Staff

22 year old Kaiden Ramsay was shot by her husband, Lenox Ramsay, on a busy Brooklyn street Tuesday. The couple has only been married for eleven months.

Sources say Kaiden always lived in fear of her husband who had a very bad temper:

“She’s been afraid, so she hasn’t been complaining to us about him being abusive, said her uncle Ewan Clarke, 32. He’s the type of guy who punches holes in the wall,” Clarke said. “He gives messages of intimidation so she’s afraid to say anything.”

Cops say Ramsay ambushed his wife, who moved out of their home three days earlier, in front of Medgar Evers College and chased her down Carroll St., grabbing her wrist and throwing her into traffic. Frantic to escape, Kaidan Ramsay tried to jump into a passing car and used her phone to call her sister for help.

“We heard her say, ‘No! No! No!’ and we heard her screaming for help,” said Clarke, who was with Kaidan Ramsay’s sister, Shelly Ann Riley, when she got the desperate call. She said “He has a gun and ‘I’ve been shot.'”

His wife never filed a domestic incident report against him, but Kaidan Ramsay briefly left her drug-dealing husband this spring after he beat her, her father said. “She had bruises on her body [and] she came to stay with me,” said Herbert Riley, 54, a mechanic. “But he promised he’d change so she went back.”

After seeing a gun in their Brownsville home, Kaidan Ramsay finally decided to report the abuse and went to the 67th Precinct Sunday – just two days before the shooting – in order to file a report, her family said. Ramsay’s family said they were turned away by cops for not having any evidence of violence, but an NYPD spokesman said there were no records that she visited the precinct.

Investigators said Lenox Ramsay fired six shots at his wife – including a pair as he stood above her wounded body – and hit her twice. One of the bullets shattered her left shoulder bone and lodged in her collarbone.

“It’s painful, unnerving and shocking,” said Herbert Riley. “We want him to be put away for the rest of his life.”

Lenox was arraigned yesterday on multiple charges, including attempted murder and assault. Kaiden is still hospitalized.


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  • Hannibal


  • Brown like Viola Davis

    This is sad. Hannibal you’re a bastard.

  • drenk

    thas a shame, pretty girl like that could do better wtf!!!

  • BBBEE25

    Wow! Hope she pulls through. She need to get herself together. Hopefully she learns from this horrific experience.

  • Girl BYE!!

    Happy that she still is alive. OMG, how can you laugh at something like that? That could of been your mother or your sister. That is just terrible Hannibal.

  • The Bear- (Cameo is the funkiest band ever)

    A very pretty young lady. She’s a fighter too if she took all those bullets and lived. God was with her.

  • bg(You aint got nothing on me)

    Damn, SAD!!!

  • jazzygapeach

    god bless her ….Im tellin u ladies from the bottom of my hear stop bein in such a rush to have the title or a married woman or to say that u have a man

  • MirsMommy

    So sad….I hope she pulls through.

  • Hannibal


  • Girl BYE!!

    THANKS for the info charming, I just started posting on here a month ago, and was just shaking my head at his boofoonery. I even laffed at something he said one time about CB, I’m ashamed I laffed at his wack ass. LOL… didn’t know he was victim of abuse…LMAO!! I know now to just ignore him…!!!

  • Girl BYE!!

    I hope you really mean that because that was just shameful to say!!!!!!!! God don’t like ugly!!!

  • houstonhotgirl

    I was in Brooklyn earlier this week, and heard those shoots, and witnessed the crime scene. I’m happy to hear she survived!!! No one knew if she made it.

  • Hannibals Dad

    @HANNIBAL IF IT WAS YOUR MOTHER IT WOULDN’T MATTER SHE’S GONNA BURN IN HELL LIKE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://~ Q. T. Pie~ I'm the reason why!!

    Hannibal- Maybe u need to get a job and do something positive with yout life instead of getting off insulting people. I do not believe u are sorry for the comment u made otheriwise it would not have been stated from the get go. U get on here to get a reaction outta folks and this is definately the wrong topic for it!

  • Sanjor**Today is a new page in your life,what will you write on it, don't repeat the same mistates

    meant “a few years ago”

  • num1dominicano

    she is a cute girl though..

  • manster

    Wow,what a pretty sister. Glad she is alive!

  • Rumi

    wow – now where are all those domestic abuse protesters that were all riled up for the CB and Rihanna fight?

  • H2O ***THE WATER BOY***

    SAD: a cute girl but she didn’t seem to be that bright or better yet shes just young and inexperianced, like many other sisters she got caught up in that I wanna thug craze…

  • Hate low life Black men

    @ Hannibal, just die already you good for nothing negro!

  • http://bossip TIABABY09

    @ hannibal,i used to really like you,but you are just an ASS!!!! n e wayz,this is the EXACT reason i JUST had my ex-fiance put way for 2n a half years. when they sentenced him,i felt like dying,i felt terrible,but after hearing the prosecuter re-read my statement at the end of the trial,i went back to that day that it all happened and i remembered how horrified i was for myself and my 3 year old son.Instead of turning to me and apologizing for his animal behavior towards me for the past 5 months that he’s been assaulting and cheating,he lied to the prosecuter and told her thati was Lying,he never hit me and i made it all up because i was mad about his babymother,THAT is REALLY what did it for me.He is a coward,punk,lying ass,2 timing,backstabbing bastard,but i really hope he reflects on it all while he is in there for the sake of his children.He also has to do a year of alchohol and abuse classes,so now,after reading this,I DNT FEEL BAD AT ALL!


    This is sad. All I can say. She left the man, she wa going on with her life. What is really sad in the REAL NEWS PAPER I WAS READING YESTERDAY. she was screaming and people were just looking, the deli guy gacve police play by play of what happened after he fired the 6th shot. She screamed, for her life while he flagged down 2 cabs the cabs stopped and the pulled off they could have called 911 on their cells. they talk on them any other time. two guys were sitting eatting one tried to help but saw the gun and went sat back down.

  • Miss B

    Very sad. Some people really just dont care nor have any belief in an higher power.

    Reminds me of news when a man got angry with his ex girlfriend/wife and got the baby a threw out the car while she’s driving. This world is going to kill itself.

  • A Drop of Wisdom

    The reason Hannibal, 6am and Marcus…(whatever the rest of his name is)….continue to post is because so many folks respond to them…stop responding to the loosers….don’t engage them. Ignoring them says way more than responding to them ever could.

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