Coupled Up

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Here is Kimora and her lover Djimon Hounsou taking a little stroll on the streets of West Hollyweird. We know he’s probably blowing that back out majorly.

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  • He's Presidential

    1st she lookin chunky

  • memphistigersalltheway

    she big as a mug

  • He's Presidential

    Well not chunky maybe thick but it looks good on her..

  • Suga Mama

    She does look fat.

  • so 510 bay

    she is fat, her face always looks extra swollen

  • iou

    so what if shes chunky

  • JaliliMaster

    She doesn’t really look ‘chunky’ except around her belly. And she’s actually taller than Djimon. Damn.

  • Back of the Bus

    She doesn’t look Chunky. She just looks Chinky!

  • Marsha

    I love her, she reminds me of my but im brown 😛

  • Marsha

    *typo* of me but

    gotta stop typing so damn fast lol

  • That Chocolate Girl

    Um didn’t Kimora just wear the same purple dress. Sloppy seconds indeed.

  • Faith


  • DM

    How much is she paying him to hang around with her?

  • YES.WE.CAN.2008!!!


    How much is she paying him to hang around with her?


    Sorry, but Kimora should be on her KNEES thanking Djimon for being with her. That is a fine black man!!! Maybe she IS paying him, but not with money.

  • Nik

    I can’t see him putting up with her if she really is the diva she appears to be on that show.

  • indigogg

    she looks trannyish. money aside, he can do better.

  • huh?

    Back of the Bus: She doesn’t look Chunky. She just looks Chinky!


  • Monique

    she looks chunky? yall are dummies she is pregnant wat do u expect!

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    He need a Bajan blowjob!!


    She looks thick..

  • Sushi Ma

    She does look thicker than usual lol perhaps all that good luvin she’s now getting on the reg is causing her hips to spread.

    remember when they use to say “good dick” causes girls butts to grow?

  • Sushi Ma

    This dude seems hungry to me Kimmy better watch her purse around dude I don’t trust him!

  • Sushi Ma

    Also- How is it that Kimora got married, divorced & back into another relationship in less time than it takes her bff Tyra Banks to land just ONE date?

  • alexy36

    Kimora and her lover Djimon? It seems taht she is also found on the wealthy men dating club, and she has also ahve a personal profile there for hooking wealthy guys.

  • shawty is a 10

    I really do think she is pregnant!!! Think about it: Kimora never really looks chunky. She just started looking that way a few months ago which is when she was (and is) with djimon.

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