Random Ridiculousness: Woman Steals a Whole Case of Beer and Some Sodas Between Her Legs!!

- By Bossip Staff

The woman pictured above is Lisa Newsome. She was arrested earlier this week for ganking a 24-pack of Bud Light between her legs…

ZACHARY, La. — Grocery store cameras caught the woman taking a 24-can case of beer from a cooler, exposing the 20-pound case between her thighs by pulling up her housedress, pulling her dress back down, and waddling out of the store. But it took a while to identify and find her. Lisa Newsome, 42, of Baker, didn’t deny anything when she was arrested Monday, said Capt. David McDavid of the Zachary Police Department. “She wanted to demonstrate it …” he said. “I told her, no thanks, I wasn’t into that.”

We have got to do better people. This is ri-damn-diculous. SMH.


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