Mary J Can Admit It – Why Can’t Hovvy Hov?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

While performing at a concert in Greensboro NC on Saturday with Mary J., Jay-Z remains incognito about their top secret wedding:

“Mum was the wedding word from Jay-Z as he hit the stage in North Carolina on Saturday – a day after a friend says he married Beyoncé Knowles – revealing nothing about a ceremony and wearing no ring.”

But Mary J. sent her love and kudos to JayBey:

“Mary J. Blige on the ‘Heart of the City’ tour couldn’t maintain the same level of silence, shouting to the sold-out Greensboro audience: ‘Congratulations to my man, Jay-Z, and my girl B,’ before starting her set with ‘You’re All I Need.'”

Damn. This is an unusual couple. A top secret wedding, and a concert for a honeymoon. Jay-Z’s first public appearance since the wedding without a ring brings a lot of questions to mind. Bey must be feeling some type of way about that. Dare we start preparing for a divorce countdown?


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  • rena

    i’m a jerk

  • Blaqk Ink...boycott the the truth

    O let them enjoy

  • Blaqk Ink...boycott the the truth

    Its so sweet anyways

  • Shrennie

    I understand wanting your privacy, but damn…when you enter the entertainment business, 90% of your privacy goes out the door. I always thought they were an unusual couple also. I mean, they barely touch in public, she walks damn near 10 feet behing them when they are together…what the hell? Just admit is and move on…

  • angry azz black woman

    Nah, fcuk dat bullshyt, they are just determined to keep folk outta THEIR business! And who can blame them, n*ggas be fcukin up ya shyt when you let em in! It’s no coincidence that these 2 got they shyt together after all these years! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Hovvy Hov and Beeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations to Jay-Z and Beyounce!

    They never revealed anything about their relationship…and they probably won’t start now. Leave them alone, they are entitled to have somethings remain private.

  • jena4rmthablock

    Jay and bey just tired of the media being nosey azz neighbors, by the way big up to all they hata! Lmoa, congratz Jay and Bey pray 4 many happy years.

  • jena4rmthablock

    top 10 barely!

  • Anonymous

    I meant Beyonce. oops.

  • Mr. FAMU

    Whats so bad about being private with your nuptials? I guess everyone was expecting some tom cruise/katie holmes type foolishness. Jigga and Beyonce aint that kind of party. And they dang sure dont need the publicity or money.

  • Lady Architect

    I think Jay Z said it very well when he made a statement about the wedding. He said the reason why things are so sensitive is because the media only cares about 3 things:the wedding, the baby, and then the divorce but they care of nothing else. Who’s to say they had the rings? The media already knows they are married and I think they wanna keep things between them and their family. Anyways can the media start reporting on some real news now? There’s so many more important things going on in the world right now. Didn’t we just lose more soldiers in the war?

  • JorgeOoOo

    The reason no one has pics or they arent wearing rings is because it hasnt happened! They did this for the pop fiction show and every one took the bait. Its been confirmed. They pulled a good one on every one this time.

  • thatsbull00

    Not every couple wears rings especially if they got tatts on the finger.

  • versace

    Wouldn’t the nickname for them be jb or bj. Something I really don’t see Beyonce do to Jay Z.

  • Southern Belle 225

    Good Morning all!

    They just want their privacy. There is nothing wrong with not wearing rings.

  • Nia

    They have never been open about their relationship…HELL, it ain’t none of our damn business. Yes, they are a public couple (though they have never confirmed it publicly) but they deserve a PRIVATE life. Divorce my ass. Those two are in love and if they never confirm that they got married who gives a damn. Get a life people.

  • peop

    Maybe she’s just ashame of him. I bet there was no wedding. anything for some publicity right!!!!!

  • Dazed

    @JorgeOoOo…Where and when was that confirmed about Bey and Jay’s wedding being on “Pop Fiction?”

  • Bird

    You know how these two roll. They don’t want to give anything to the media other than some photo ops. I was wondering how they would handle the ring situation since the presence of rings would confirm the marraige. I’ll wait and see if B goes out without her ring which I’m sure is beyond beautiful. I could even see them not selling the wedding pics. Lawd knows they don’t need the money, but I want to see them man.

  • I'm Just Me

    It seems the quieter it’s kept the longer the relationship lasts so I am glad it finally happened so we can move on and also COngrats to them and hopefully this last longer than many Hollyweird marriages.

  • GreenEyes

    Yes, they are entitled to privacy.. but why be in the spotlight then Not everyone wishes them bad.. some people just want to know cuz they are fans (not me, I could care less) It just kills me how these celebs, mainly Bey, be acting all private, yet over-saturating herself on every damn channel you turn on. Its whateva to me… It just seems to me if you’re a celeb.. then you gotta take the good with the bad. That means all the riches and fame with all the people being up in your business. I think they create more a frenzy when they act so coy about it.. especially since people already know… they know what they doin and its not tryin to keep people out of their business.

  • Lauren

    Come on Jay…..its about that time, show that beautiful girl off!

  • pink88

    why wear a ring when you have a tattoo?

    you can take a tattoo off, but not a ring…

    and LMAO@ countdown for a divorce….

  • Sunshinegirl

    It can be annoying sometimes when people try to remain so private. It seems as if they spend more time trying to hide than to be happy. It’s not like people don’t know they are together. I can understanding wanting privacy at the wedding, but if I was married, I would want the whole world to know. I’d wear my wedding ring with a smile.

  • Bird


    I’m sure people mag will probably have 1st access if any.


    That’s what I was thinking, but if they really want to shake things up and look out for our community they could GIVE the pics to Essence or Ebony rather than sell them to the highest mainstream bidder.

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