Thandie to Play Condi

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Thandie Newton may put her career on the line as she is in the final negotiations to star as that no good, sell out, sociopathic heffah Condoleeza Rice in the Oliver Stone biopic on George W. Bush.

Here they go again, trying to rewrite history – but as long as there’s no unholy swirly action between dumba*s Dubya and Cu*ti in the film, we’ll be cool.


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  • I'm Just Me


  • da darkness

    Bush sr. killed Martin L. King jr. and JFK, that’s why stuff is shanked like it is today. Question how much do you pay for TX oil? $3.56 here. and i don’t stop driving you either. Kennedy was gonna put a stop to what the Bush had up his sleeve. Do the research it’s there in plain sight

  • Lady Architect

    I like Thandie. She’s a good actress.

  • da darkness

    I wonder if Condi considers herself a superwomen?Nah, “she wants to be, but is it really in her mind.” she be acting. Condi don’t got no job. never has under this current administration.

    @ms. newton hope you got your lip chap and lots of red lipstick lol, cause you gonna have to do a hole lot of cock sucking in this movie roll. i sayin. lmao

  • jusplayit04 The Great

    Condi was never that pretty

  • da darkness

    this roll might not be so easy kinda physical getting all that lock jaw lmao. come on this is a joke. any sceene they show Condi being portrayed she gonna be either lying or you know sucking cock.

  • Serafina

    She’ll def have to transform herself like Charlize Theron did in “Monster” to play such a mannish woman.

    Candy Rice is a man in drag. Having Thandi play her is like asking Flava Flav to Portray Denzel in a bio-pic.

    Was Whoopi or Oprah unavailable? They’re famous for playing ugly women.

  • da darkness

    @Serafina ahhhh that was harsh.


    i musta missed the part where we started hatin condie

    why we so mad again?

  • Negrodamus Believes

    Negrodamus believes only a women kept in the captivities of a polygamist sect could accurately portray the feeling and emotions of a Condoleeza Rice.

  • Deitre

    They should have Dame Judy Dench play Condi. They resemble each other alot more than her and Thandi. Thandi is just a little too black for that role.

  • Al-Anon

    Negrodamus Believes

    Negrodamus believes only a women kept in the captivities of a polygamist sect could accurately portray the feeling and emotions of a Condoleeza Rice.


    LOL, Are you saying that Condleeza has been brainwashed?

  • YES.WE.CAN.2008!!!


    LOL, Are you saying that Condleeza has been brainwashed?


    Of course, she has been! Why else would she waste her talents on a white man who hates blacks men?

  • FoxyKnoxy

    How the HELL is Thandie TOO black for this role…she doesn’t even consider herself black….

  • yo!

    see more here

    thats tight

  • Doc

    no good, sell out, sociopathic heffah Condoleeza *********************************************DEAD*************************** SHE IS SOMEWHAT Aheffah

  • Kimberley

    UK/Overseas actresses to the rescue again. Who else would go for that role? Certainly not Angela Bassett. Thandie is talented, I would never take that away from her. But some movies just dont need to get made.

  • Deitre


    that was my point. Condi doesn’t consider herself black either. That’s why a white woman should play her.

    And Dr. Funk how is she not a sell out. She belongs to no black organizations, she refuses to attend events hosted by black organizations, and supports Bush. Come on now. Her football boyfriend dropped her because of that pole stuck up her white a**

  • Doc


  • Encyclopedia Brown

    This casting makes no sense

  • Encyclopedia Brown


  • Anton Slizzardhands

    Condee I SEE U WUT UP!!!

  • Nita

    @Deitre wrote, “that was my point. Condi doesn’t consider herself black either.”

    That’s not true at all. Being a Republican is not equivalent to ‘not considering one’s self’ black. She’s just taken a different path. Given how the Congressional Black Caucus has been acting salty, recently, towards Obama… and how black Republicans have felt shut out by the CBC in years past, I don’t believe that political affiliation should be an overriding factor in whether one’s blackness is stamped or revoked. Dr. Rice’s best friend died in the infamous bombing of the Birmingham church by a white supremacist which resulted in 4 little girls dying. Dr. Rice knows who she is, and she knows the community; she just doesn’t believe the left-wing way is the only way. She certainly grew up in a time period when blacks were Republicans in the south, while southern Democrats did everything in their power to destroy blacks.

    When it comes to speaking of it, she’s had to walk the same tightrope — the unthreatening black — that every black in a position of true power has had to walk. She’s had a unique experience because she’s walking that tightrope as an unthreatening black and an unthreatening woman at the same time. It saddens me that I now believe that she made the right choice in thinking that the Republicans were her ticket to true higher office rather than window dressing, instead of the Democrats.

    @PhillydaBoss, I believe folks hated on Condi because of Bush and the fact that she’s a Republican… but white folks and other folks misunderstood that ‘hated on’ to be real hate. Dr. Rice is not a hankerchief head; she’s just on the wrong side. Respect the intellect; dismiss how the intellect has been used, but always respect the intellect. I don’t think ‘outsiders’ get that. Anyway, she’s a black woman who is Secretary of State — a black woman, as Secretary of State — and the Republicans didn’t treat that as getting a ‘twofer’, didn’t care about her race or her sex, they just were more concerned about her loyalty to the Bushes and her ability to do the job.

  • Re

    Condi is unbelievably smart…and Thandi does resemble her slighty. But dare I say Condi resembles thee Crypt Keeper from Tales of the Crypt?

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