Chris Brown Finally Comes to His Senses!!!

- By Bossip Staff

In an upcoming interview, Chris Brown finally starts speaking like he has some sense and talks about his plans to better himself… so he won’t put hands on another female:

While Chris Brown vows he’ll abide by all the conditions of his recent sentencing for assaulting Rihanna – including six months of community labor and five years’ probation – he’s eager to get the most out of the court-ordered counseling and anger-management classes.  “I want to understand my…

…feelings,” Brown, 20, tells PEOPLE. “I want to find out what really transpired as far as me that night. Sometimes when you’re young you don’t know how to express [your emotions], so I think it actually would be helpful to talk to a counselor or to somebody who has an expertise in what those [feelings] are.”
According to Brown’s Aug. 5 probation review, the R&B singer “has already looked into some domestic violence programs, showing that he is taking some initiatives to address this issue.”  Explains Brown: “I wanted to take the counseling upon myself and … just talk to someone. I just need to talk to someone. I wanted to understand the problem at hand.”

Brown tells PEOPLE he doesn’t think he has an “anger problem,” but says he’s keeping an open mind. “If I do, I will work with my counselor and hopefully channel my anger into something like dancing,” says Brown, who insists he’ll never let himself lose control again. “I don’t think I would get that mad again. I want to be a man, so I have to be more responsible …. I’d rather walk away.”

No excuses. Just do it and hopefully Chris will come back as twice the man he was going to be.


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  • triv

    has rihanna come to hers?

  • u feel me


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    Get up to $1500 Now.

  • DivaLaDamz

    3Rd!!!… This whole thing is so tired!





  • Ladii G


  • DearGod

    Leave this child alone.

  • Khristal


  • Cynthia

    He is trying HARD lol…he just needs to come out with a slow song that says I’m sorry in it!

  • bluekid

    Dear Chris Brown,
    I’m so happy to hear that you’re proceeding to do better in your life. I am doing great and being blessed by the best. Keep up the good work and remember do not let the media and the paparazzi try and play you and Rihanna against one another, just think of Obama and how they have done him and Michelle and how they are still doing them. The first black president, who is married to a beautiful black woman, never cheated and always been a loving husband and the most hated by the media, sounds familiar it should sound like you Chris and Rihanna. Of course you’re not trying to be president, but the hate and the malice that the media use to keep you two separated and using cunning words to make you guys temper flair at each other.

    Remember it’s just a job and when you are at home shut out the world, the media and the paparzzi leave the ego on the stage. May God bless you!

    PS: Gospel CD!

  • bluekid

    Whhhhyyyy are we giving them much attention…They need to get back to work and make some new music before Lil Wayne start singing R&B!!!
    That’s funny has hell, Lil Wayne singing R&B!

  • Elana

    God Bless you Chris. Keep God in your life, stay prayerful. You have accepted responsibility. You have apologized. Complete your legal requirements. Move on with your career. Keep the faith.
    Remember, that we all have sinned, and fallen short of the Grace of God.

  • statim08

    He already learned how to act and react from his home environment. He can thank his family and team for ENABLING his downfall.

  • olsweetdickwillie (WHO GONNA CHECK ME BOO?)

    He need to BEAT HER AGAIN!!!

  • http://bossip dasykoticone1

    mtv music awards banned chris brown… if that’s true, why haven’t they banned tommy lee?

  • Melanie

    I guess some yall forgot how much backlash BET got for pulling him off the show. If they did tell him not to go to the awards it would be because Rihanna is there and they dont have the ability to accomodate them and their situation.

  • Hottistchickinthegame

    ^^over OUR mistakes

  • Hottistchickinthegame


    mtv music awards banned chris brown… if that’s true, why haven’t they banned tommy lee?

    I understand where that comes from, but it is probably a legal issue and not a personal judgement call. To my knowledge, there is no current restraining order on record against Tommy or Pamela, and I have even heard that they have recently reconciled.

  • ll

    This guys is scum. Can’t we just forget about him. There are a lot of other talented guys out there who could use this press and attention for their talent and not beating a woman down.

  • Whatever

    Is that why Rihanna is trying to get her legal peeps to remove the stayaway ban lifted?

  • TENA

    MTV probably banned him because Jay-Z, Kayne, and Rihanna are planning to perform.

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  • kay

    Chris, I’m glad to hear this, because I am praying for you every day,just put Jesus first, I know you ask for forgiveness and he did just that, I have made mistakes and everybody else has to and he forgave us ,remember with God is more than the whole world against you, don’t worry about MTV’s banning God got better plans for you.

  • SoPhilly

    Chris keep playin yourself… You have shown the world who you truly are,too bad you can’t take that back.

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