Full Length Usher Video: “Love In This Club”

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is Usher’s video “Love in This Club”. After the snippet last week, Polow Da Don being outed for using Mac garage band beats, and all the Tameka/Keri Hilson drama this is the final product.

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  • Mechelle


  • Lush-Us

    3rd – Damn!

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty Aka The Bajan Superhead

    Usher sucks cock. I wanna suck a cock right now myself. Let me see if my boss is avaialble for a Bajan blowjob.

  • Lush-Us

    LOL! Damn – Bajan is Kim Kardashian, Lil Kim and Superhead on!

  • SoWhat

    Yawn. I’m cool Ursh and all, but I’ll wait for the remix of both the song & video.

  • JorgeOoOo

    This is one of ushers best songs better than “Yeah”. I cant believe he married that beast though, I would have rather shell out the child support payments.

  • Lady V

    Really can’t see the video for all the lights in the club.

  • me

    i saw this video this morning. i was pretty disappointed since i love this song. it looked nothing like what i thought it should be. i expected to see women of course but it was just so typical: a bunch of light chicks with long hair and rappers in sun glasses trying to look cool. the only part i liked was when he started dancing. he can still kill it on the floor so that made it a little better. i’d still rather listen to the song

  • amber86

    Lol @ Me…dang thats all I have to look forward to. I love this song!

  • Negrodamus Believes

    Negrodamus believes “sunglasses in the club” is a bad look. I don’t like being a hater, but I can’t help it. It only makes sense when Stevie Wonder does it. I love Jeezy but each year he gets closer to that “studio thug” realm. Usher’s coolness has diminish ever since the plague of Tameka has come about. Diddy should make himself useful as a friend and hire the same contract killers he got for Tupac for Tameka.

  • a true piece of art, the best video ever!! and i mean ever!!!!

    o my days. is this it??? (dead pan voice)

    wow usher you REALLY went out of your way to be really CREATIVE and ORIGINAL with the video and the award winning acting at the beginning was a PURE treat!

    (stepping off the sarcasm platform)

    your misus must have been BOILING mad with your steamy scenes with miss keri, keri better watch her self (mama)wifey usher don’t play!! she DON’T play!!

    (stepping back onto the platform)young jeezy! wow what can i say, your verse really makes ME want to make love with a thug in a club THANK YOU THANK YOU, now my life will soon be complete.

    and the dancing, had this been 3 years ago and the video was for the song YEAH i might have been like ‘YEAH’ usher, but those dances are PLAYED out like the ‘hood’ act, its back to the drawing board mister

    time to take a shower, im literally dripping in sarcasm and its not a good look.

  • The Chosen One

    I feel like JT came in and just snapped up anything the Usher could have possibly claimed as his own… and now Usher is this has been.

    Maybe I’m alone in that one, but I feel like Usher’s relevance is totally gone.

    And the song sucks.

  • sexxymocha

    The video was very boring but I love the sing and Usher can still dance but he was moving little bit slow.

  • sexxymocha

    The video was very boring but I love the song and Usher can still dance but he was moving little bit slow.

  • Mechelle

    @ SADE….don’t get mad cause you second…


    It was alright. Not worth all the hype it was given.

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    @ Lush us

    Yup girl that’s me. I’m a freak nasty hoe. I would even sleep w/ that CORNY ASS NEGRO NEGRODAMUS.Limp dick bastard!

  • Lady Architect

    I liked the video. Keri did her thing, but the beginning was kind of wack. I can see where people say he lacked originality cause the viedo almost reminds me of yeh but with red lights instead. I still liked it though

  • So_Surrus

    damn 6 mins..lol naw but it was cool, i see y tameka was mad..lol and jeezy and rickie ross.. CAN GET IT!!!!!!!!!

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    nah it it didn’t do it for me, cliche appearances by other celebrities. and chasing after a beautiful girl….this video picked up right after Yeah!

    hmm I was expecting better

  • JorgeOoOo

    On the note of the beat. I knew I heard this beat before! I just made the same one in Garage Band on my mac too!!!!! LMAO can I get millions too polow da don ripped mac off on this one.

  • iluvprada

    the video was boring…but the song is tight.

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    Usher has officially jumped the shark with this one. First he got played out by Polow by paying tens of thousands of dollars for a beat he didn’t create, then the song is hot steaming garbage (I watched the video without audio) and now he is resorting to using video hoochies rather than dancing which is his trademark. I pray his next single and video are better. I can’t believe he kept us waiting all these years for this.

  • Milio

    lmbo @ a true piece of art!

  • Sassy

    There is nothing that stands out about this video! Can we get some creativity PLEASE PEOPLE???

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Imma have to buy this CD, seeings how girls get siced over Ershur

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