Color Purple Fans Get Brawlic After Tasia is a No Show

- By Bossip Staff

Chicago playgoers demanded their money back after Fantasia missed a show.

Chicago fans of the Color Purple got a rude awakening when Fantasia wasn’t on stage for the play on Saturday.  Fantasia was unable to perform because she was sick with the Flu and her replacement wasn’t anywhere near good enough.

People in the audience were pissed off and displayed that anger by demanding their money back after the show was over.  After demanding their money, people were also pissed after learning Fantasia has missed a total of 50 shows altogether.

We understand everyone gets sick but Chicago wasn’t too understanding. An 8 year old girl in the lobby even broke out in tears after her mother told her Fantasia wouldn’t be there.

Remember last April, the show’s numbers went way down after Fantasia made her exit.  We guess one monkey really does stop the whole show!

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  • Chi-town

    This is not true! I was at show. True Fantasia was not there but they told us ahead of time (while parking) so there wouldn’t be an uproar during the show. There was also signs as we were walking to the theatre about Fanny. The signs said she was hospitalized. Parking attendants said she ate a bad sandwhich. Whatever! The fill-in was good and no chaos happened…The Truth

  • jennifer

    all my life i had to fight. i had to fight my career. my album sales. and young dro baby. but i kill em dead if they decide to ask for a refund. -fantasia’s life.

  • Jade Silver

    @ Jennifer – LMAO.

  • SoCultural

    Some people were told ahead of time and some were not. You cannot assume that all people were told. Nevertheless, ticketholders should of had an option to receive refunds at the door before entering. This is false advertisement and is grounds for legal action. I’m sure there was some type of uproar and discontentment because of this.

    Stay Positive

  • Klean_Kut

    She got sick and was hospitalized. How many of us go to work when that happens?

    Since being back on the show she hasn’t missed any schedule performances. This is the first occurrence.

    I guess people like to put out false information.

  • Just me

    a group of us attended the DC show and learned that Fantasia wasn’t preforming all the show after purchasing the tickets. The only reason we purchased tickets were to see fantasia..I will never attend a fantasia anything!!

  • The Bear- (Cameo is the funkiest band ever)

    Fantasia has developed a reputation for being unreliable. That’s very unprofessional and its a shame because she’s one of the most talented singers around right now.

    She needs to work on her professionalism though.

  • deesac

    she got really bad work ethics she did this before a couple of years ago and drop out. And she wonder why she got money problems.

  • T-Boo

    For the record she has not missed 50 shows on this tour. I went to see her Aug. 1 show in DC at 8:00…the venure clearly states that she does perform Sundays…she does not perform all shows so let’s check that out before we say she is a no show. Also, for the NY runs the girl had tumor huge tumors..She was sick. We all get sick. Give her a break..that’s why she has understudies…its unfortunate but it happens.

  • Shondra


    “This is false advertisement and is grounds for legal action.”

    Like hell it is. There is *never* a guarantee that an understudy won’t have to step in to take over for a performer who’s sick. Or, in Fantasia’s case, “sick.” Anybody buying tickets for this tour should just accept the fact that there’s a 50% chance that she’s not going to show up.

  • leave-it-be


  • thickcop

    Sick and Hospitalized, not true sure she was driven to the hospital but released a short time later most of it waiting room time. This is just BS!!!!! and a pattern.

  • A Chicagoan

    Just from the publicity that is going on in Chicago it was a big deal of Fantasia staring in the show. From commercials on most of the network channels to FB events stating that Fantasia would perform at Zentra (a Facebook promoted club). And this is not the 1st time the Color Purple has been in Chicago (the last run Michelle Williams was in the show). So the ones that probably went crazy were those unappreciative people that have never seen a play before.

  • Inside Scoop

    @thick cop it wouldn’t matter if she stayed at the docs, hosp. 2 mins and they said something was wrong ,she could not go on!!!!
    She was legit SICK per doctor!!!!!If they had let her perform and something happen she couldSUE big time and they know it!!!

  • Mad at Oprah too

    I drove an hour and a half to see the Color Purple. The 1pm show was cancelled without any notice. I didn’t give a darn who was playing Celie. I just wanted to see the show. Oprah is more concerned with shutting down the Mag the Mile then a play she lends her name to. On my way to the show, radio personalities were still urging people to purchase tickets. The proper way to handle this situation would have been to release a statement on the radio stating the 1pm show was cancelled. Instead, I drove 75 miles one way only to show up at a dark and empty theater. Ticketmaster didn’t even know until 12:30. I’m sure the producers knew before then.

  • Josie Dowls

    When you buy the tix…You’re told no refunds cancellations or exchanges. The show went on with Fantasias’ understudy. It is still the same wonderful show. So if you’re going to see one person…go see a concert. Theatre is more than just one person. Each performer is trained and excellent at what they do. Why miss an entire show just because one person is out. Guess those people don’t get to theatre much.
    Fantasia was out of the show alot in NY, too. I am sorry if she really was sick. But Theatre is also a discipline and if you can’t do 8 shows a week…then do concerts…or make your c.d.s’ I know people are disappointed but guess what? It’s a business.
    They will try to get you into another performance IF they can accommodate but if not….oh well…the $ makers don’t care.

  • Bottomline

    I agree most of these people commenting are not Fantasia fans.They ride this girl too much and they look for something to hate.She did a press conference while here in Chi-town and she sounded and look great for a charity project for New Orleans that TCP is supporting and do you see that posted anywhere or that pick.
    I believe some one put something in her food and I belive these blogs are getting paid to hate on.I pray everydau she proves you all so wrong over and over again.
    You were wrong about so much about her already.I pray God rains down so,many more blessings on her, that i just runs over and keeps on running until you all die from your hate.



  • No weapon shall prospe!!!!r

    No weapon formed against Fantasia Barrino shall prosper and every tongue which rises against her in judgement shall be shown to be in the wrong.In Jesus Name.

  • No weapon shall prospe!!!!r

    No weapon formed against Fantasia Barrino shall prosper and every tongue which arises in judgement shall be shown to be int he wrong!!!! In Jesus Name

  • ohnoudient

    When is Oprah going to get tired of this? This girl is a CONSTANT no show. She did the same thing in NYC. First it was her throat. Now she has the flu. And the dog ate her homework. When is enough enough?

    And to use the Lord is horrible. Does she pray right after she drops it like it’s hot? Get off the fence and either embrace the Word or don’t refer to it when ppl call you on the fact that ppl consistently show up to see you on stage and you are too busy all of a sudden (now that you’ve MADE IT) to show your gratitude to the ppl whose support you will need one day, when you will regret the ungrateful way you’re treating them and you won’t be able to go back and do it over.

    Boy, how soon we forget? Remember, how she cried at American Idol? What a difference a job makes.

  • ohnoudient

    If this happened a few times, she would have an argument, but no matter the city, she is a CONSISTENT no show. There’s no excuse. If this were a 9-5, she would have been fired a long time ago. Most jobs are strenuous. She wanted this career. Nobody sent for her.

  • C Allen

    …..and “ohnoudient” is right on, be careful what you ask for.


    NY is old news and has already been explained that she had two tumors.

    Since she started the tour on June 30 at the Kennedy Center. She has done over 50 shows and has ONLY MISSED 2 shows which were both this past Saturday. She DOES NOT perform Sunday Matinees in any city. That’s over 95% she’s done. She does 7 out of 8 shows a week. It doesn’t matter if she went out the night before. She was diagnosed with food poisoning. The doctor said don’t perform what the heck is she suppose to do?

    For those interested in the facts. She was actually at the theater dressed and ready to perform when the effects of the Food Poison happened according to the news. Which is why it took so long for the Saturday matinee show to announce she would not be performing.

  • Lush_Us_Lipps

    I was at the play when they announced Fantasia wasn’t going to be there 2 seconds before they started the play (BOGUS!!!), people were pissy and alot of them left the theater, but her under-study did a great job – she wasn’t Fantasia but she did an awesome job.

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