MJB Says Before Sasha Fierce She had an Alter Ego

- By Bossip Staff

Mary J Blige says before Sasha Fierce and Mimi came out the woodworks, she started the Alter Ego trend with her’s called “Brook-Lynn.”

In a recent interview discussing the new Tyler Perry Film she’s in, Mary J. Blige dished on her cocky trash talking alter ego:

Long before Sasha Fierce and Mimi, you had an onstage alter ego called Brook-Lynn. What happened to her?

She’s around. She’s a rapper that’s really cocky and likes to talk junk and defend Mary. If we ever need her to defend Mary, we’ll pull her out.

I’m surprised you don’t have a male alter ego, too. You’ve said before you’re more like a guy than a candle-and-flowers girlie girl.

I’m definitely a woman, 100%. But even as a child, I leaned toward the tomboy side in life. As a woman, you’ll find me lifting things for myself. I’ll deprive myself of a massage. But lately, I’ve been a little like, “You know what? Being a woman is great. Y’all can have the testosterone.”

You must have encountered a few drag queens channeling Mary J., though.

I’ve seen several of them. The ones that get it right, it’s a little spooky how great they look. I think, wow, that really looks like me. Omigod, when they get it right, they get it right.

Mary’s probably spooked out that the Drag Queens look better than she does on her best days hitting the red carpet.


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  • dayg715

    Mary is right. but we all know that beyonce is the swagger jack queen anyway.


    please, ANY drag queen looks better than beyuki on her best day, too.

  • http://www.boissuq.com/ Keli

    Who cares?



  • Choznwarrior

    Where’s Hannibal?

  • steroid_arnold

    I love Mary ….i really do.

    I was 15 and now i’m 33….still love those army boots on here when i look back in time.

    So innocent

  • jennifer

    why everyone saying that they got alter ego’s now. dammit yall momma aint raised yall with a different names. smh.

  • ChinyereCouture

    i’m pretty sure that’s the name of a well-known stripper @ magic city.

  • http://yahoo a fan

    you know what everyone has a alto ego and no one is swagger jacking anything. Stop the hate on beyonce because it is getting tire already.

  • sone

    I have been a mary fan since day 1…and any true mary fan will know that mary has had her alter ego brook-lyn for a long time..way before janet damito jo,bey,or mariah….i remember going to her concert back in 2000 and she “introduce” us to brook-lyn….you go mary

  • Megan

    Actually Beyonce spoke about “Sasha” before Brook-lynn came out. Beyonce just decided to act upon it recently.

  • Kanye Lover All Dai

    Beyonce has always spoke about Sasha even in her Destine’s Child days..Sooo wth is Mary talking about?

  • RegalBeauty

    Who really cares about an alter ego? In my opinion this whole alter ego thing is an excuse to let who you really are come out. . .lol. Everyone has different sides to them it doesnt necessarily make it an alter ego. Mary, Bey, Mariah, and Janet are all talented no need for an alter ego.

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    Why call her “Brook-Lynn” when you’re from Yonkers? And I don’t need an alter ego, I’m too fab for these hoes just bein’ me!

  • Jenny,Baby!!!

    I love Mary J. and Bey, that ego song is wack, it’s childish, my kids love it cause it’s on their level.

  • Darrell H-Town

    Mary did start the alter ego thing 4 the new generation so u kids dont know what u talking about Mary u r the best and people cant take u………………

  • Yeah Ok

    Right now, sadly, my only requirement for music is that they put their coochies away… so with that said I’m probably gonna be a Mary fan until she stops making music or starts flashing her coochie.


    beyonce might be a swaggar jacker but she rich as hell

  • TEE


  • Mz. Monique

    Mary did start it…but it is enough room in the game for Sasha and Brook Lynn.

  • Lamb 4 Life

    several things are wrong here

    1. Mimi isn’t mariah’s alter ego her alter ego name is bianca when she is bianca she speaks in a british accent Mimi is just a nickname

    2.Damita Jo is janets middle name not an alter ego

    3.mariah carey did bianca back in 1999 during the rainbow album and beyonce spoke of sasha during surviver so technically mary is jackin there style

  • http://www.sadefan.blogspot.com Dan

    Why are people acting like Beyonce just came up with Sasha Fierce last year? She’s spoken of Sasha since her DC days. There’s no swagger jacking, demon possession etc. going on. She just focused on it as a marketing tool! For goodness’ sake. Anyway, most performers have an “alter ego” when they hit the stage, studio, wherever. Music is powerful and it takes over.

  • Crazy

    MJB, you are far older to be talking this nonsense, alter ego or not

  • mellowmoodd7

    MJB is the queen of everything…hip hop soul

    Bey is pop and quite frankly shallow and not very soulful but some of it is fun to dance to.

    Janet and Mariah are legends with undeniable voices and talent no gimmick needed to sell.

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