The Honeymoon of Champions

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After spending a little time with Bey in N.C., Camel kicked it with the fellas last night:

Jay-Z was spotted hiding in plain sight on Monday at The 40/40 Club, the Manhattan hotspot he owns. The rapper called ahead to let the club’s security guards know he was coming, and that he “just wanted to watch the NCAA Championship.”

“He was sitting on the stairs in plain sight of everyone, just watching the game on the mammoth projection screen. He was in a great mood, cheering like everyone else.” Unfortunately, it was too dark inside the club for the witness to tell whether or not Jay-Z was wearing his wedding band.”

We honestly have had enough of this Scooby Doo wedding band mystery, but we must keep the stans updated.


Image via Splash

View some pics of Jay-Z in NYC yesterday under the hood…

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    Jay Z…gotta love him….

  • Afiya

    Jay look like she got some…LOL…go head mann!


  • Afiya

    LOL…typo lol…she = he 🙂

  • da darkness

    Memphis what tha eff happened? clearly, Rose wasn’t getting the ball enough and to why blow a seven pt. lead with only a min. left? insane. alot of bread was lost on you all last night.


    da darkness…

    you had to vent?

  • rena

    Jay-z, I am a big fan of him, and a friend told me that he is hanging out on the tall dating site, does he like tall models?

  • checkoutmystatus

    My Dude is a Baller & a Business man. I respect that to the fullest….Back in the day rappers was rappin to get out the hood. (jay did that) Now rappers is rappin to keep it hood. (where did this come from?).

    Reach back into ya memory and relive the into to Biggies juicy, not the lyrics, the worded intro! (that was real talk)

  • J Christopher

    Go ‘head Jay!!!!

    Jiggaman ya heard!

    He looks happy and I’m sure he is. He deserves it and those that hate should congratulate and study the man to emulate his success.

  • da darkness

    @Nikki yes yes. i’m crushed looking at all the magazine clippings i posted. my rt. hand is holding my forehead. mos def the game was thrown, i was suspecting it might go down like that

  • da darkness

    that black duffle bag money, k. when i get to the upper thirties more than a decade from now i’ma not be followed by cameras

  • Southern Belle 225

    Loves me some Jigga Man! I’m happy for him and Beyonce and I wish them all the best. It would make me so happy if he would stop dressing like a 22 year old. But I still love this dude!

  • Jai

    To all of the stans who’s saying ‘study Jay’s success’….please!!!! He is only copying what his so called buddy Bono did. His live-nation signing was a hook-up, but a good one none the less. But let’s not give this man more credit than he actually deserves!!!! Congrats however are in order 🙂

  • Inside Source

    Despite racking in millions over the course of his career and owning his own clothing company, Jay-Z still prefers to buy bootlegged clothing from various spots throughout New York City. Source explains ” Jay enjoys wearing knock offs of high priced clothing. All of the Gucci that he owns are fakes. He even buys fake Rocawear.”


    da darkness…

    Im sorry moo-moo…is your forehead resting in the nook between your index finger and thumb?

  • Ms Cinnamon 08

    Congradulations Sean! He looks happy and really isn’t that what life’s about? trying to be happy? Life’s too Short to be frowning! Look Alive People!!!;p Shout Out to everybody in Louisville, Ky!!!one hundred…

  • kiki

    My man he looking fly as always. For real he looks happy! Good for him!

  • Wassup!

    I like to stay positive during their time of happiness but I’m sorry I just cannot. After looking at that 3rd picture and his dome, Mrs. Bee Carter better prepare herself. That baby is gonna have a BIG A$$ HEAD!!!! Damn Jay…

  • checkoutmystatus


    We shouldn’t give him more credit than he deserves? I just can copy Bono, lol. What more can he do with the Hotels, Clubs, Beyonce, investments, multi-million dollar deals, Beyonce, and all of the properties he owns, giving to charities, and did i mention beyonce? What more can he do to please you so he CAN get the credit he deserves, lol.

  • angry azz black woman


  • Keysha

    Their whole relationship is a honeymoon!! Where do you want them to go…the moon!? Congrats and sorry I couldn’t snatch him up first!

  • J Christopher

    Study Jay’s success because he has achieved more in less than 40 years than most people could even dream of achieving in their lifetime.

    It’s not about being a stan, but how are you going to get successful if you don’t model successful people? Everyone wants to give Jay’s success to someone else but none of these other people are near as successful as he is. Eh hum… Dame, Biggs, etc.

    LiveNation is the most recent achievement but he’s had a string of successes from Rocafella, Rocawear, Armadale, RBK S.Carter shoes, 40/40, selling Rocawear, etc. etc. Than you have this latest deal for $150 M which is one of the largest in music history rivaled only by Bono and Madonna.

    Even his marriage is allowing him and his wife to push a billion.

    It’s all good though. Haters are going to hate. Me though, I admire success in anyone even if I don’t like them or agree with them. I can still learn from them.


  • Jai


    I like Jay’s mind-set, but let’s not forget he is a hustler, not a genius and that’s what I mean. Nothing is new under the sun, he didn’t do a Bill Gates or Carl Sagan and create something new. Instead, he followed someone else’s blueprint, manifested their formula to fit his persona and people are trying to give him credit for creating one??? Please, even Jay has Thanked Bono for showing him how to travel via Yacht in the South of France. So if Jay can let the world know this, why won’t the stans accept this??? I wish I had friends in high places, because just like Jay, I would be hustling my way to the top as well. I’m not hating, just stating the facts!!! That’s all I have to say. Have a good day, everybody!

  • Shawn08

    I hope everyone gets out to see him and Mary perform. The show was All of It!!!

  • Jai

    and @ J Chistopher

    I totally agree with you, because that’s what Jay did he learned from Rock stars to live like one. Like he said in a recent interview, “I’m the Rolling Stones of Hip-Hop!” And he’s right because when Mick Jagger, married his model wife Bianca, his net worth jumped as well. Maybe we should be studying the people Jay is studying :-)…anyone ever thought about that???

  • J Christopher


    We SHOULD learn from people he learned from. We should learn from him as well. Why not? Why not learn from all sources that we can? His background maybe a little more closer to ours though so he’s a good start.

    Also, Bill Gates did NOT invent something new. He didn’t invent DOS (he stole the OS code from a garbage can of the inventor). He didn’t invent Windows (he stole that idea from a Xerox). He stole the mouse from Mac and the business model from IBM.

    All successful people learn from other successful people. They usually build upon the good ideas of others but are much better at branding and marketing them.

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