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Lisa Bonet and her lover Jason Momoa were spotted taking a stroll in Vancouver with their 8-month old baby Lola Lolani. Apparently she likes ’em young. She’s 12 years older than her Hawaiian boo. We all know Lisa’s pockets are deep, so why do they look homeless than a mf?

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  • Zayah

    i didnt know she had a baby..

  • http://en.gravatar.com/avatar/f440215aabbdc8dc2ff5337fac6a99b9?s=80&r=any Riley

    cute family

  • da darkness

    they look as though they live in seattle

  • Kompton's Kutie

    They look….???? IDK.


    They look like trailer park trash, keep it real!!!!!!!!!!1

  • rena

    Jason Momoa is a playboy, he is chatting with a tall model on that tall dating site ~~Tallkiss.com, and they even flirting in on the forum page of that site.

  • http://baidu.com Tree

    I saw her profile in millonaire dating site”W e a l t h y L o v i n g . c o m”.Dose she really searching her new love in this site?

  • LR


  • queen2001

    I kinda like her jacket. That’s just there look. Let them be

  • lovely and amazing

    They’re beautiful together and their daughter is just gorgeous.

    I have the same stroller and ensemble for my youngest. They are obviously doting parents who take great care into little Lola’s utmost comfort.

    There is absolutlely nothing “homeless looking” about this beautiful family.

    God Bless the Bonet-Mamoa family.

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    Hey that’s Lisa. As we can see her style doesn’t prevent her from getting some seriously fine a$$ dudes. Not eveyone is into keeping up with the latest trends. Some people just do them. Her self esteem is healthy as evidenced by the fact that she dumped Lenny’s a$$ for cheating on her and never took him back no matter how hard he tried. Hell he even cut off his dreads because she told him to AFTER they broke up. Yeah Lisa don’t need to worry about what nobody says about her.

  • Anonymous

    Lisa may look shabby, but she keeps it real; and besides, under ALL the make up, that’s what a majority of famous folk look like ennyway!!

    Lisa Bonet is one famous person that I can say has no pretense whatsoever; no make up, no uppityness or ugliness; U GO LISA!!

  • Save Tibet from the Monks

    I love Lisa Bonet- she don’t give a monkeys about superficial Hollyweird ish, vanity and fashion! she keeps it real- anyone can see that she’sa hippy and loving it!

    It also explains why Zoe Kravitz always looks ahot assed mess!

  • Negrodamus Believes

    Negrodamus believes the bohemian dress is an extension of camping, imitating homelessness. I know people who wear those same clothes daily and didn’t pay $8,000 for it. They just look like the removed a sewer top in the middle of rush hour traffic and climbed out one by one.

  • statim08

    Scruffy, unkempt, who cares? They ain’t A list stars. Shouldn’t even be photographed.

  • Spartylicious


    Love your posts. I always feel the need to read it sounding like Negrodamus on Chappelle show. You crack me the f*** up.

    Oh and Lisa Bonet is cool. She’s always been like this so it shouldn’t surprise people that she’s 40 yrs old and dresses this way. I didn’t know she had a fresh baby. Old Jason must’ve put that ish down to get her to do that, b/c I know ain’t no way I’m doing that when I get 40!

  • http://youtube.com/fifitrooper Ms. Sugar Walls

    Because that is her! If she want to dress like that..then do let her do her thing!

    I agree with number 1

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    She looks beautiful as always. That baby looks white. Hmmmm I wonder what his name is?

  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    She looks like a character from the X-Men

  • Lady Architect

    Lisa looks like she had some work done to her face

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    Lisa what happen to your face. Damn gurl please tell me you didn’t go under the knife too. SMDH and she was pretty. She looks real unnatural right now. Hair going in so many different directions.

  • zdawg

    you know she is rollin’ in the dough– that stroller is easily 1000 dollars– bugaboo– the rolls royce of strollers…

  • shell

    Jay z is 12 years older than Beyonce, why y’all never bring that up.

  • HP

    @ Da Darkeness…Seattle? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know! I moved to Seattle from Cali and the way people dress here is a trip! So sad and Ugly to boot!

  • thornless rose

    her pockets are not deep, she hasnt had serious work in a long time!

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