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50 Cent went chopped it up with radio personality Miss Jones on his baby’s mom eviction situation. Warning: this audio is about 24 minutes long, but is entertaining nonetheless.

Check it out to hear about how his baby’s mom has other cats living in his crib, he and Ciara having a gang of Porsches, and more.

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  • da darkness

    dey know

  • rena

    How tall is he? I saw his profile with his recent photos on the tall dating site, and he is chatting with a tall model there. Are they seroius?

  • So_Surrus

    well his house is bigga enuff to sneak in a few dips, ya know

  • Tree

    He is my fqavour.I saw him many times in millonaire dating site”W e a l t h y Lo v i n g . c o m”I am wondering what relation he wantr in this site?Dose he really searching his new love in this site?

  • Southern Belle 225

    Yuck. He is just awful. I don’t have the 24 minutes to listen to the recording so I won’t comment unless someone posts what’s on the recording.

    So are him and Ciara a couple?

  • Bird

    Oh yeah, and I know he was kidding about Floyd. If 50 could beat him he’d be making 20M per fight as a side hustle.

  • lovely and amazing

    Greedy and no class.

    First trying to shake down your extremely generous baby daddy and then having other men in HIS house, the roof over their child’s head, which is the only reason she is permitted to stay there to begin with.

    Even if she and 50 are long over and even if she lives in an entire separate wing or guest house, it’s still her child’s father’s property and she’s not supposed to be having men sleep over or living on his property.

    Greedy and no class.

    That’s why she lost 50’s respect which lead to her losing 50’s generousity and hospitality.

  • Keepin' It Real (D'Original)

    Shaniqua, you Greedy a$$ B#tch!!!

    Her monkey a$$ had been getting $300,000 TAX FREE for CHILD SUPPORT about 5 – 6 years now!!!

    And then when he got that Vitamin Water Deal ($100 Million according to Forbes) – her hoodrat girlfriends got in her ear talking ‘bout: “Oooh Gurl, you heard about that Vitamin Water Deal 50 got $400 Million, you better go and get that money….”

    She got greedy and thought she was entitled to more child support and tried to take him to court and LOST and is now getting just $6,700 a month down from $25,000 a month…

    That s#it is hilarious and serves her greedy a$$ right…

    It’s called CHILD SUPPORT money NOT BABY MAMA and LAZY A$$, BUM A$$ Baby Mama Boyfriend Support!!!

    How did her dumb a$$ figure that she could have all those people living up in HIS house while he’s paying the house note and then on top of that have her broke a$$ boyfriend move in there too…

    You must be out of your mother f#cking mind…

    She’s been living off of that TAX FREE Child Support money ($300,000) for years AND living RENT FREE, and the minute he says she’s gotta move she’s talking ‘bout: “50 kicking me and our son out”….

    B#tch get the f#ck outta her…


    @ Keepin’ It Real (D’Original) CO-SIGN 100%


    as much as i hate to admit it, i can’t blame him for kicking them out. child support is meant to help, not be the only source of income. she’s making females look bad.

  • The Diva Has Spoken

    Miss Jones was joking and exagerating about the Porches when she was going off on 50 before he called in. DJ Envy said 50 never brings women around his son.

  • ms meca

    i lik ciara and rihanne.. cant compare them cause they dont do same music…….50 is always posing gay.. im glad buck left …24 min? uh nooooo he aint worth 24 sec…..who said sumin bout 50 and floyd fighting? is 50 serious… i want to c that fight…………

  • ms meca

    if i was gettin 25k i would not be listen to my friends and now i be dey laughin at her .

  • That Girl

    First of all you should have the next man in his house even if you arent together. Second you should have moved your dumb a## out because you were getting more than enough money. Be a strong black woman for your son, let him know that women are not just sponges. What a fu##ing joke she is. Women like her give all women a bad name.

  • Serafina

    If I remember correctly from an interview 2 Cents did after he and Vivica broke up, he did let her meet his son before.

    It was her talking about it in a magazine that pissed him off, because his childs mother heard about it and chewed him out over that fact.

    So for her to get angry with him about bringing another woman near his child, but having another man LIVE near his son……

    That witch is a hypocrite.

    And serves her right, because pretty soon she’ll have nothing. She’s been lazy for too long to be able to pick herself up quickly.

    I foresee him having to step in again and having to take custody of his child, because she’ll be too unstable to care for him.

  • homie

    You know its just something about this dude that makes him believable. Now, you never know what’s what unless you are an eyewitness, but when somebody is put on the spot and able to respond the way he did, i’m just saying. About a month ago, I heard an interview with Fat Joe on a whack ass Tampa radio station. These clowns were big upping Fat Joe like he was the man. He talked about the scuffle between him and papoose, and basically said him and his boys demolished lil’ papoose. He did admit that if him and 50 had a one on one, 50 had the advantage because of his physical shape. Anyway, that was a good interview, that guy is smart, at least marketing wise.

  • kigali

    What did she do with all that money she was getting? She could have bought herself a few houses by now. What a shame. If he ever gets custody of his child, she is over because he can then sue her for child support. 50 cent sounds like an SOB but he is not playing and he smart too.

    Whatever she was looking for she found it. I hope she doesnt kick it with them females she had around her.

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Man that interview was hilarious…he can really make you love him. Then you’ll read some dumb shyt he says and you end up hating 50 all over again lol…

  • Kym G

    Let me get my head phones on.. so I can get an intense up close listening to this MAN… BRB

  • Kym G

    Oh 50 is an adorable personality.. yes in deed… pretty funny.. worthe the 16 or so minmutes he was actually talking…

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    *and instead took her to court like a man. SMDH!

  • Richard

    500k a month

  • Richard

    He said she was getting 500k.

  • homie

    He half a mil. a year, my man!!

  • I'm Just Me

    I don’t have the time to listen to his ramblings but I just don’t like this man. He rubs me the wrong way.

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