SMH: Damn, Lil Kim Looks Busted Up, Bi, and Burned Out…

- By Bossip Staff

Lil Kim was spotted on this ATL Gay Pride couch giving a performance. We don’t get where the Hip-Hop comes into play with scenes like this one and grills like hers, but whatever.

Notice Kim’s muscle feet, shiny face, and the stain next to her muffin? SMH

Pop the top for Toccara and even more way out behavior

Looks like the Queen B*tch is now the Queen Trick…SMH

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  • $ilent Swagg


  • Cynthia

    Damn Kim…BE A LADY lol

  • Khrisal

    Leave kim alone “She got it going on WHAT WHAT” LOL

  • Welcome 2 Brooklyn

    Just when I thought she was starting to look better, she goes and gets all greasy looking again!!!

  • mikejones909

    This is how Kim has been forever. Everyone loved her when Big was around and they didnt care how she presented herself. I just don’t understand why she went under the knife.

    Hit me on the LOH

  • Angee

    Yikes! Damn Kim!!


    she is will never change




    That couch is dirty like a Mother F*cker!

  • Re

    Her butt stinks. I just know it.

  • SHHH

    she needs to retire

  • noelle

    I liek Anessa’s hair

  • GGooDie

    I wonder if that stain on the chair was before or after she spread her legs.

    Not a good look Kimmie, but looking at your face…nothing on you is a good look honey.

  • Can I Express Myself

    She looks like a drag queen
    Which must be the theme they were going for

  • Ryan Coke

    F-ck Kim and her dirty sh-t stained legs. Toccara’s that b-tch. My heart rate goes up every time I see those juicy breastesses

  • Ryan Coke

    Where’s Amber Rose?

  • MissMonday

    How could she sit on that stain infested chair??

  • BAPE747

    LOL @ Re. That’s crucial conflict between stained thongs and a woman that don’t use liquid soap. LMAO!!

  • Lady J

    WoW……….these “ladies” make it so difficult for women try’n to make it in the music industry… they are teaching that spreading your legs, dropping it like it’s hot, and dress like a HOE is wut you gotta do to sing…..SO SAD!

  • HoneySuckleGirl

    SMH. I am praying for her lost soul. Kim what is going on with you?


    I thought Kim was trying to class up her act a little. Wasn’t that one of the reasons for competing on ‘Dancing With The Stars’? Well, I guess you stick with what you know. By the way, she looks like she can crack open a bottle of Heineken with them toe-nails.

  • leslie arnelle

    You know what…in life I have learned to expect ppl to be true to themselves…but you know what I like Lil Kim….maybe because even though distasteful at times…she stays true to who she is…and besides the overdone makeup and bad style choices she has most of the time…I just like her 😉

  • oneblackwoman

    you think being gay is the problem bringing black folks down? have you noticed what straight black people are up to? check out lil boosie, chris brown, lil kim and really every black person in the game right now.

  • the shoparazzi

    she should retire while she’s “on top”…

    …of the objects she likes deep down her throat.

  • Shondra

    Kim looks like she ate a couple of value meals from Taco Bell last night and now she’s suffering the consequences. She’s holding down her skirt so it doesn’t flap around in the breeze that’s flying out of her stanktastic ass.

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