True or False: Tyra Banks is Bald on her Edges

- By Bossip Staff

Yesterday was the big debut of Tyra’s weaveless head. Just in case you missed it…

Pop it for that ALL NA-TU-RAL

Mz. Banks got some hair on that head and it’s not short either. She did trim up them ends before she went out in front of everybody but the million dollar question is… If you have long hair then why wear a weave or wig??? What is it about a weave that makes women feel they need it???

Preview of the beginning of the show…
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  • Hannibal

  • Hannibal


  • GG

    It actually does not look that bad, it is just really thin and her hairline is pushed back really far.

  • lattho

    i actually like her without the weave. she got a big forhead like me!

  • Dan


    Riiiiiiight. Anyway, I wouldn’t call Tyra’s hair long. I guess it is compared to most black women, but it’s very thin and in need of some TLC. Black women, drop the chemicals and see how beautiful your hair can really be! Or if you’re going to relax, learn to take care of it properly!

  • breeee. [2 more weeks until my wedding day! EXCITED!]

    its long, but its thin. and i think aside from her having a big forehead anyway, i think the hairdressers shave back a little bit of hairline to make the lace fronts look how they’re supposed to.

  • GGooDie

    She has a hellified forehead, but other then that she has some hair back there…just don’t know why she wants to wear wigs and weaves.

    I think I have one reason to why females wear wigs and weaves…for one to look different, but I thought that is what outfits are for…who knows and another some women do not want to do their hair.

    They rather wax it up. Gel it up. Or burn it up instead of taking the time to actually do it.

    Sad shit.

  • GGsolovely

    Not bad with or with out the lacefront she still looks like a alien so i don’t see the point

  • GinlafromParis

    it is not natural but relaxed !! it is a big difrence !

  • v-fromRock

    She looked cute

  • Jade Silver

    She wears a weave to give her hair body. It’s too thin, she might as well go bald.

  • Sadie

    If you have long hair then why wear a weave or wig??? What is it about a weave that makes women feel they need it???

    I have long full natural hair and I wear wigs for convenience of not having to do it in times I am in a rush or plan to exercise-saves alot of time. Sometimes I just want a different look without taking the plunge of getting my hair cut or colored.

  • The Bear- (Cameo is the funkiest band ever)

    I am LOVIN her look without the weave.

  • Meka

    big deal??? tyra acts like she’s soooo natural.. green eyes, real boobs… watever tyra, get a grip… aint nothin wrong with wearing weaves, like it aint nothing wrong with wearing makeup….

  • A Drop of Wisdom

    Because if you’re in an industry (The Fashion Industry)Designer’s want to do all kinds of things with your hair to get the perfect look for their outfit and if you’re smart you’ll let them do it to a wig/weave and not your own hair.

    Many folks whom enhance their hair have hair…when will you people get’s all about fashion…so to hate on people who like to change it up (from shoes to hair) just makes you look uninformed and stupid. Don’t get mad at the folks who can afford all the wonderful pleasures in life. If you don’t like it….cool..DO YOU, but don’t hate on those whom choose to do it. And no I don’t wear weaves but I love fashion and if you’re flyy I’m gonna give credit where it’s due.

  • Henni

    I don’t understand, she looks exactly the same with her real hair. in fact her real hair may be a bit longer than some of the weave she rocks. SMH, Weave usually makes a woman look different but if she looks that good without it I say save your money!

  • Blackgurl

    Hannibal reading you comments I can only assume that you are one of the decendents of the European caucus mountain people. With this being said why don’t you go to a site that caters to you and yours. Because your comments altough sometimes entertaining are out of place here in an arena that you could never relate to. And BTW lots of those lice headed cave chicks wear weaves.

  • tania

    maybe she wears a wig because all that styling on your own hair can take its toll. remember she is always out and always having to change up her hair style contstantly. imagine having all that heat and hairspray on your own head everyday? you see how healthy her hair looks, thats because she doesnt “use” her hair everyday and its not locked up in weaves. is all overed loose on her head by a wig. i am about to wear a wig all winter and give my hair a damn rest

  • A Drop of Wisdom

    @ Meka:


  • Pookie

    She looks much better without the weave tho its very thin. The weave gives volume to the hair.
    I just wish she’d wear hair colors that match her skin tone.

  • nobody cares

    that’s how you keep long healthy hair, leaving it alone. weaves/wigs can do wonders to keep your hair in a good state and grow it out. trust, if i wore a full weave for 3 years straight, my hair would be down my ass, it grows like crazy after just 8 months

  • Jamilah

    LMAO @ Nikki Underwood ( 2nd post)

  • Lovie

    While it’s brave of her to show her real hair, I’d be more impressed if it was NATURAL. I mean, it was safe to say this chick wasn’t bald under her wigs. Many black women wear wigs and weave is because when relaxed, our hair is not thick and full. Plus the weaves and wigs give you nice variety.

    I don’t wear weave or wigs but I do wear makeup and I don’t think that wearing makeup is anymore natural than wearing wigs and weave, especially when you’re a celebrity.

    Good Day

  • Soul Touch


    *laughing so hard tears are falling*

  • Hannibal



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