True or False: Lil Wayne Sold More Concert Tickets than Jay-Z

- By Bossip Staff

According to sources, Wayne racked in over 40 million on concerts alone.  Flip the hood for more.

Wayne grossed  42 million dollars in revenue from concert sales, outselling the Jay-Z and Mary J Blige Tour which grossed 34 million:

According to Lil Wayne’s tour producer and tour business manager, Shawn Gee, seventy-eight concerts held in North America from Dec. 14, 2008, through Sept. 6, 2009, grossed approximately $42 million and drew nearly 804,000 fans.

The second highest-grossing rap tour that Billboard has tracked was Jay-Z’s 2008 jaunt with Mary J. Blige, which grossed $34.6 million and drew 310,694 concertgoers to 28 shows, according to Billboard Boxscore. Kanye West’s 2008 Glow In the Dark tour comes in third, having pulled in $30.8 million from 49 concerts that attracted 507,853 fans. (Billboard)

We guess Wayne should have no problems fathering every girl in the world if he keeps outselling camel’s a**.

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  • WundaKIdd


  • WundaKIdd

    Who cares really…not like they sharing the wealth with us….

  • The Truth

    Ya numbers fuzzy 42million over 78 shows is less than 34.6million over 28 shows…Wayne did more than double the shows and only grossed 7.4million more…Men lie, Women Lie, #s dont…

  • Me

    3rd Exactly the truth…. If jay had done more shows he would have outsold him….

  • The Truth

    Wayne made $538,461.00 per show Hov & Mary made $1,235,714.00 per show and if they split it 50/50 they grossed $617,857.00/person still $79,396.00 more than Wayne per show…

  • E

    Yeah, numbers dont lie but u left out one important number. Wayne had over 800,000 fans and Jay-z had 317,000.

  • come on

    @E ———still no comparison. J is the man.

  • kp

    jay z should b a grandparent by now he and mary shitd dats y!!!

  • The Truth

    “Yeah, numbers dont lie but u left out one important number. Wayne had over 800,000 fans and Jay-z had 317,000.”

    E please divide 800000/78 (10,256) for Wayne and 317,000/28 (11,321.00) for Hov/Mary…Yup reading is fundamental SMH!

  • kp

    and everybody didnt know the reason for kanye’s arrogancy bk then so that could explain y his numbers were as such but he still did that he has his good luck charm he shld be dng mre numbers in the years to come plus he did explain himself on Bey’s track “EGO”


    Uh who cares!

  • http://bossip mybaad>> if u dont know the WHOLE story, u kno NO story at all

    jus wait to see HOV’s number’s after this blueprint 3 tour.. its gonna be sick!!!!

  • Mary

    People look @ numbers rather than the statistics & details of this, Wayne did 78 shows verses MJB/Jayz 28 tour dates. This is an invalid comparison, because if Mary/Jayz concert would of done 78 shows, that tour would of grossed over 100mil, & lets not forget the Mary/Jayz tour had “the dream” as an opening act while wayne had…keyshia cole, keri hilson, souljia boy, bobby v, the dream, & tpain…all those acts & only 42mill????mmmm…MJB/Jayz wins hands down!

  • Lady J

    Umm……why are yall beefing about this???? Who cares!!!! Glad that two black men with no education can pull in millions of dollars off of shear talent!!! Now, that’s an accomplishment!!!

  • drephilly

    If you do 50 more shows and manage only to make 7.6 mill more are you really making more money or are you seriously being under paid

  • Endya

    Somewhere a Yaki wig just hit the roof.

  • Angel

    Of course! JayZ is just plain wack!
    I don’t get nurthin from his so called music.


    Jay-Z is old and loves only himself.

    when you see Wayne he’s givein his fans all kind of love.


  • kimmie

    okay, so Jay-Z has always been a fantastic writer. His rap skills are good but there are those who are better apt to present a great rap. His voice in combination with words have not ever just moved me. But, there are some artists who actually have the lyrics, the right timing/flow and the voice that carry me through each and every song regarless of beat. (a great beat would be good though). I think Jay-Z is cool and all but he is just manufactured like everyone else. The industry was starving when they picked him to be raps front man. He just doesnt have the perfect combination to me. But he seems like a real cool dude and he is hands down one of the best writers in the game. No doubt!!!

  • chrissy

    Wow, this is amazing!!! I love to see black folks do it big!

  • kimmie

    @ Endya
    LOL trying not to spit out my late morning bagel…. Too funny!

  • yapz

    did yall read the entire article. lil wayne made 42 million and he had to do 78 shows. jay-z did 28 shows and he mad 34 milli. so if you do the math wayne had to do 50 more shows to make 8 million more.
    jay did less shows and made more money. yall really need to learn how to read. jay is a beast. dont get it twisted

  • reka_baby

    Even though this is an incorrect comparison, Jay is better than Wayne. Hands down

    most of the people that don’t like Jay-Z’s “so called music” aren’t smart enough to understand what he is saying. thats why they resort to more rappers that ‘speak clearly’ to them

    ‘i dumb down for my audience, to double my dollars’

    some people to stupid to understand what that means….smh

  • BWW

    What kind of math are you guys doing? If you want to properly compare 28 to 78 shows an easy way to do it is to multiply 2.5 times 28. So technically Hov comes out on top. So busy trying to hate you’re wrong.

  • GAY

    Jay smashed if you do averages for the shows.

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