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Just Soprano, a D-List rapper(which makes him a Z-list entertainer) just released a new video with Max B entitled, Get Money. Original, we know. Anyway, we would not have watched the video a year ago, but since Max is locked up, we were immediately intrigued.

We know, that is not right, but it is what it is. So we got to thinking; is Max going to be bigger now that he is locked up? Everyone knows that theory of “getting more props for jail time than college to black folks” is somewhat true to an extent, and at the same time we realize that this is music, rap music at that. However, we do feel guilty for…… wanting to check out some rap music based on its thug mentality or hard lyrics.

So, Shyne should be getting out soon, and his release is highly anticipated. The scenario with Max is a little different, but now that he is locked up and his street credibility is “proven,” we feel he is worthy of a listen. Sad, but true.

Do we salute or commend thuggary? Hell no, F*ck a Thug, but we do understand the way the streets work, and hood stars-rappers-thugs are just that sometimes, hood stars, rappers, and thugs. Do we want to hang with the thugs and associate ourselves with them? Nope, but we will come outside to see them get cuffed up and hauled off. And we will ask the neighbor what they did, share stories and talk about it for years to come…in the COMMUNITY. It is what MOST PEOPLE would do. SMH@ourselves.

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