Model Jessica White Defends Her Desperate Image on “The T.O. Show”

- By Bossip Staff

Jessica White states that “The T.O. Show” jeopardized her brand and reputation:

ESSENCE.COM: Ms. White, we loved you on “The T.O. Show” not only because you represented for the sisters, but held your own, including heating things up with T.O. Are you two officially an item?
JESSICA WHITE: We met on a photo shoot. T.O. and I had a couple dates a while ago, but we were friends before the show was filmed and will always be great friends. However, we both moved on a while ago.

ESSENCE.COM: How do you feel about the criticism you received because of your art of seduction when you greeted T.O. in only your lingerie?
WHITE: Reality shows are anything but reality. Creative editing is always interesting to watch and makes for good TV. I was very upset how the [episode] was edited to make it look as if [Terrell] left and came back to find me in his house [uninvited]. I spoke to him after watching it and let him know how it jeopardized my brand and reputation. So I do not agree with the criticism I received because it did not go down like that in real life.

ESSENCE.COM: Many Black women assume that T.O. doesn’t like Black women and obviously you are one. Still folks are second guessing whether he truly does after he seemed displeased to see you waiting at his home.
WHITE: I saw that. After watching the show, it’s obvious that T.O. loves all women. Again, it was really interesting to see how I was portrayed on the show. He never relayed any of those feelings to me, so when I saw the show I was shocked.

ESSENCE.COM: In the past, you revealed that you were sexually abused as a teenager. How has your healing process been?
WHITE: God and my family have been a huge part of the healing process. Also I’m just really coming to terms with myself and learning to love and trust again, so surrounding myself with the people that have been there for me through my highs and lows is important.

ESSENCE.COM: Absolutely. How did your experience affect you spiritually and emotionally?
WHITE: I was a teenager that was traveling the world living the glamorous life, and unfortunately, I made some bad decisions. I turned to drugs and alcohol to numb my pain. It made me violent and drew in all the bad while it pushed many good people away from me. I have recently come out of a long cycle of truly finding myself and what I stand for as a woman and want to be able to pass that hope and understanding along to other young women who come from abuse situations and have hardships to overcome. So I am in the process of doing various fundraisers to raise funds for my Angel Wings Foundation. I’m also writing a book that focuses on overcoming those situations that tells the true story of another abuse victim and how we as Americans can help fix the holes in the system and stop the cycle of abuse.

ESSENCE.COM: Thank you for turning your negative into a positive to help and inspire others in need. So does that mean we won’t see you on the second season of “The T.O. Show”?
WHITE: You never know, but definitely not in my lingerie or in a romantic capacity!

T.O. knows he couldn’t handle that anyway…


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  • Hannibal

  • Royal Chocolate

    These people are so sad…..

  • Jade Silver

    Damn Hannibal, let someone else be first. LOL.

  • Hannibal


  • Young Obama

    I respect her since she didn’t trash T.O. They were friends even before the show and of course T.O had already smashed that. I really doubt that hurt her brand since isn’t her job to pose with lingerie.

  • Unbought_and_Unafraid

    the ONLY person or organization that benefits from an association with T.O., is HIMSELF.

    look at his history: S.F., Philly, Dallas — bad vibes left at every stop.

    and SHE expected WHAT exactly from him …..?

  • Aunt Viv


  • kp

    she was thirsty for some of that chocolate she know she wntd T.O. to eat dat box again…lmao it aint like she was keeping it a secret when she said “umph u sure have been eating alot of chocolate this week” tssk tssk jessica ur a model who isnt afraid to show ur not so classy side ronchy as my grandma would say but o well live with it!!

  • Lady J

    I agree……. editing a show can make a person look terrible and I blame T.O. for making everyone preceive that she was a snotty, loose female… T.O was excutive producer, and could have made sure his “friend” was preceived in a more positive light…… Lord knows Black women are constantly dispelling stereotypes everday!!!

  • Jay the Real One

    Please she got some needed exposure, it’s a tv show, who freaking cares? And she ain’t cute anyway.

  • i said...

    That’s right… @ nina and Jay

    Besides, why wasn’t her attitude addressed? She portrayed herself as a chicken, now she’s all embarrassed about the situation…


    I like TO… 😦

  • Paula

    Two words…google me. That summed up to me what kind of person she was on the show. I laugh every time I see that, but at the same time get upset because she had just met Mo and Kita.

  • Mr. K

    Personally, I can’t stand T.O. but I thought he and Jessica made a very good couple.

  • Ummmmmm....

    Editing made her look bad because they used the snippets of her worst moments so she should be mad at herself. Nobody made her say ‘google me’ or put on lingerie like she did…

  • Txhustla15

    “S.F., Philly, Dallas …”

    And ?? Last checked all those teams were highly successful if you check the stats, aside from Frisco with his personal beef with Garcia, all those teams were worse off and have the same problems without him on his roster. Only people that give him that cancer label seriously do not understand the sport…

  • Oh Well...

    correction: I DON’T know if he hates his skin…

  • got my own

    yeah the show made her look real weak. he had so much love for the white girl, got his shine on the the blasian chick, but was mortified but Jessica.

    but she really was gesidees herself meeting folks for the first time and have to say Google me… no class

  • Butterscotch

    She is gorgeous but incredibly naive. Reality TV shows are about drama…no drama, no ratings. So, anything the producers feature (i.e., ‘google me,” waiting for him in lingerie) is going to be magnified 100 times more. If she is so keen on managing her brand, she should only take gigs that allow her to have creative control OR that are directly in line with the image she wants to project.

  • Txhustla15

    Yeah thats part of the hype with the anti-TO crowd just like he is “Team Cancer”. He is no different than any other wide receiver that plays that position in the league, granted he is little eccentric but so was some of the G.O.A.T.’s. He’s always done alot for his community too, but they always want to publicize the other shit. His father is the one that lived across the street from with his family after he and his mom left him…

  • WhoGoneCheckMeBoo

    i still dont like her…i would have rather seen him with the asian real estate chick.

  • prettyblackgirl



    Obama is smoking a cigarette in that pic. Where you been?

  • white male

    so she was sitting at his house in lingerie when he walked through the door but it was misinterpreted how???

  • sasha

    She knew what she was doing on that show and she accomplished it, she wanted her name out there! I hate when they go on a “REALITY” (rolling eyes) show and then cry VICTIM!

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