Janet Still Brings Home the Bacon

- By Bossip Staff

Posted By Bossip Staff

Janet Jackson was spotted at Japan’s Narita International Airport today. She’s on a 3 day tour to promote her newest album, “Discipline”. Ms. Jackson has been looking a little out of sorts these days. Perhaps she’s under stress, with her whole family going bankrupt and all. Being the only employed Jackson in the bunch, we hope she keeps a kung-fu grip on them stacks.


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  • iluvprada


  • Just Sit and Suck some dick.. The BAJAN way tho!


  • Trusted Source

    TOP TEN BIATCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Raven

    She’s so multifaceted.

    The picture on the bottom left- she looks exactly like she did when she was 5 dancing around.

    The picture on the bottom right, she looks like effing Jermaine.


  • that one girl

    Janet’s skin looks FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!! U KEEP MAKING IT RAIN ON THEM 20 YEAR OLDS!!!!!!!!

  • Lauren

    Janet DOES look great! And I doubt if her whole family is bankrupt….

  • RORO (brown suga!)

    I always did love janet, I think it’s great that she stayed in the game and her finances are not all out of whack like her siblings. speaking of her siblings they should have invested some of that Jackson 5 money, they knew their azzes were not as talented as Michael growing up, once he left the group back in the 80’s shyt should have started to sink in!

  • Lush-Us

    Janet is looks Great for her age! Someone please explain why she’s with Jermaine Dupree “Treasure Troll” looking azz.

  • ec outta da qc


  • Lauren

    Those shades are killa

  • Lauren


    Janet is looks Great for her age! Someone please explain why she’s with Jermaine Dupree “Treasure Troll” looking azz.


    LMAO! I know I think of that everytime i see them together with his spaced out teeth ass! But I guess he has a great personality…..

  • Lush-Us

    Lauren – that’s funny! With all the money she has, she should upgrade that Troll with a new grill! He must be doing sumthing right or be awfully special cause Damn I can’t see how she even kiss his fuggly azz! Yuck!

  • Corree

    Maybe it’s just me, but Janet’s hair looks terrible in that top pic, and I’m just not that impressed with her.

  • MJB

    For 40+ she’s cool. Jermaine was on a broke roll too… her fam, her man… clamp ur pocket book breezie.

  • illuminatti0911

    Janet’s next album should be produced by Kanye West!!

    Or Lupe Fiasco should assist on the project!!

  • Monique

    her face is lookin ugly like a mug.she lookin like her brother

  • DM

    Doesn’t she look like Daddy Joe on that last picture.

  • I'm Just Me

    SHe still looks just like penny from Good Times with her hair up like that!!

    She is cool. Glad she is still out there doing her. If it works, keep doing it, right?

  • Shavon Denise

    And, how again is she looking outta sorts?

  • Deitre

    Janet’s with JD because she did the pretty boy thing (El Debarge and Renee) and she learned looks aint sh*t. So with age comes wisdom. F*ck the pretty, give me love and stability.


    Janet is Beautiful, People get it through your heads 40+ is the age where you have the body mind, and wisdom. Lisa ray vivica fox, janet jackson, stacy dash, angela basset, vanessa williams toni braxton, holly robinson pete, robin givens, tisha campbelle, and the list go on and on ……………

  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    wussup janet…long time, no see

  • Yourmom

    Would it have killed her to cover up those snaps on her head? Her hair looks tore up but she looks good other than that.

  • C.C.

    Damn. Janet is finally starting to look old. Ladies remember, makeup is your friend.

  • AnDaRah

    Janet is looking kinda fat in the face.

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