Kandi’s Still Disgusted By Porsha’s Drugging Claims–But What Does Phaedra Think???

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“I wanted to defend myself…”–Kandi Burruss

Kandi Speaks On Porsha Williams’ Drugging Allegations

Kandi is continuing to speak on that epic showdown she had with Porsha in Hawaii.

As previously reported Kandi went OFF when Porsha alleged that Kandi wanted to slip her something so she could bring her home for sex in her “dungeon.”

“I will sue your a** if you keep saying that, you lying a** b***,” said Kandi who also admitted that sh wanted to “choke the s*** out of Porsha.”

Kandi then brought out her “receipts” in the form of texts Porsha sent her where she said she “wouldn’t try to rape her” after she allegedly tongue kissed Kandi and offered her oral sex.

Now Kandi’s telling Bravo why she’s still steaming mad at Porsha months later.

According to Kandi it’s because what Porsha alleged is slanderous and equates to rape. Furthermore, the person who allegedly told Porsha that Kandi wanted to drug her is “imaginary.” “Who is this imaginary person?” asked Kandi.

KB: I’ve come to the realization that Porsha has a lying problem. Every time you hit her with the truth, she comes out with another lie that was worse than the previous one. When I first heard her throw out that drug allegation, I couldn’t believe it. That wasn’t shade, that was slander.

Drugging someone and taking them to a sex dungeon is rape. It’s unfortunate that some women will go so low and lie about something like that. That makes it hard for real victims that have truly been in that situation. What irritated me is that Porsha tried to justify the lie by saying “someone” told her that I said I would drug her. Who is this imaginary person?! And how did I supposedly say this about the night we hung out three years ago, but they just decided to tell her the day she and I had lunch and argued?

Porsha was the one pushing up on me that night years ago. She was being very aggressive. So for her to try to turn it around on me as if I would try to drug her was a vicious lie. Obviously I wanted to defend myself and show proof of her lies.

When I scrolled back through my phone, I saw her text saying how much fun she had on the night in question and she told me not to worry because she wouldn’t try to “rape” me on camera. So I printed those texts to pull out just in case she decided to repeat that malicious lie. Which she did…

Kandi’s right, saying that someone drugged you without proof is slanderous and could lead to a helluva lawsuit. Porsha better be careful…

More from Kandi on the flip.


Bravo TV

Bravotv.com: What made you finally reach your breaking point with Porsha that night?

KB: When Porsha said again at the table that “someone” told her that I said I tried to drug her, I was done! I was calm at first, but even after I passed out the texts, she still tried to stick to that lie. That just pissed me off.

It’s like, damn, at what point do you just admit you were wrong??? That girl has a problem. She was the one talking about “raping” me clear as day in her text, but yet she wants to say I wanted to take advantage of her? Can someone please call Porsha’s counselor and ask them to help her with her lying problem?

Kandi’s ex-bestie/Porsha’s new bestie Phaedra  is now speaking out.

See what Phaedra thinks about the latest chapter in Porsha and Kandi’s beef.

Phaedra’s none too pleased and thinks it’s a shame that the ladies behaved so poorly in a “such a majestic place.” “What a waste,” said the southern belle.

Via BravoTV:

Bravotv.com: What went through your mind during the dinner in Hawaii?
PP: Fix it Jesus! I was super tired and my power nap did not give me all the power I needed. So I was just sitting there partially engaged in all of the ruckus and just wanted the drama to be over with once and for all. It is shame that we were in such a majestic place behaving so poorly. What a waste.

Meanwhile….she’s YET to admit that she also alleged that Kandi’s a lesbian who’s sleeping with Shamea Morton.

That’s not shady at all.

Whose side are you on in the latest bit of RHOA drama???

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