Big Boi’s Hip-Hop Ballet

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Check out these final rehearsal pics of “Big”, courtesy of Big Boi and the Atlanta Ballet dancers, which debuted this evening. We’re relieved to see that Big Boi left the pirouettes to the dancers. This looks interesting enough. Hip-hop ballet is a bizarre concept. Kudos to Antwan for trying something new – but we think it looks rather comedic.

Photos by Charlie McCullers, Thanks Jenzy!

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  • Kevin


  • amber86

    2nd!!! Damn you Kevin!

  • Dixon_Girl

    It does look rather comical….

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    damn u kevin

  • K-ten

    Shane Sparks did say that Broadway is the future for hip hop or something like, i guess this is the beginning..

  • OK

    I’d rather go to a hip-hop concert and see something new & different, than the same big butt skanks “dancing” (or a bunch of the idiot friends jumping around ) on stage.

  • Don't mind me

    Looks weird. I love the ballet but I can’t see it working as it is an elegant art form. looks like it would clash

  • sdedee

    As a dancer I am very excited about this. A few companies have been experimenting with hip hop and other forms of music(besides classical). I think this could be a great way to introduce some folks that would never be exposed to this art form. kudos

  • Lady Architect

    Well outkast was always known to live up to their name. I think I would enjoy seeing this cause ballet and hip hop are not the easiest to bring together. I’d rather see this far more than a simple pole dancer or jiggly behinds.ewww

  • ms meca

    i think i would enjot this

  • .zoe.

    As a former ballerina and a SERIOUS Outkast fan:: the pics alone are AMAZING to me!

  • 2oclock demon

    Originality is always welcome. Time for Hip hop to get away from the buffoonery, and butt shaking…(oh, yeah, I know…we have a better chance of seeing a snowball in hell, thriving.)

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    According to my encyclopedia this is the dumbest mash up ever conceived


  • Taz

    I have been hearing about this a lot for almost a year now and I am happy that it’s here! I don’t find it comical at all. Outkast has been pushing hip-hop music, culture, fashion, etc. in every aspect since they came on the scene back in 1993/94 so this is no surprise. I know that it will be successful and big shouts out to Outkast and the whole Dungeon Family! Do ya thang!

  • Blacksmith

    Here in the ATL, folks have been positive about it. It’s putting the dancers to work and exposing a different side of hip-hop culture to an audience that’s probably used to hearing/seeing only the bad. Good for Outkast!! If I had time, I’d check it out myself.

  • bfount

    I’m glad everybody else said it for me. There is nothing wrong with looking outside the box and exposing the hip hop youth to more culture. There is more to hiphop than trapping all the time. And it is time for kids to see that. If nothing else hip hop is a form of expression from all angles; and if it can be expressed through ballet, then that shows how well hiphop can transition and translate through any form.

  • Iattended

    I attended the show at the Fox in Atlanta. The show was hott. If you live in the A, and you missed it…too bad. I thought it was going to feel forced, but it really didn’t.

  • Abraham


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