Race Matters: In The Case Of A Broken Taillight, White Folks Get To Juggle For Cops While Black Folks Are Murdered

- By Bossip Staff

Race Proves To Be The Difference Between Life And Death During A Traffic Stop

Philando Castille never stood a chance during his fateful traffic stop last year. Millions saw the video of the father being shot within seconds of a traffic stop by police, in front of his girlfriend and child. Philando’s girlfriend in tears, pleaded with police with an unusual level head…like she expected it. Journalist April Reign is pointing out how different that experience is for a white man, who literally juggled his way out of a broken tail light ticket.

The realization comes after April saw a news clip intended to be light-hearted. Blayk Puckett, a white teen was pulled over by police and was let go after performing a juggling act.

When I saw ABC News tweet a link to video of Puckett juggling, I immediately thought of Castile, because they were pulled over for the same offense. I responded to ABC’s tweet by pointing out that Castile never had a chance to get out and juggle.


My objection was retweeted more than 80,000 times. The point is not that Puckett should have been killed. The point is that Castile shouldn’t have been killed for a minor traffic violation. The point is that for most black people, there’s rarely a fun interaction with police. Young white men get to juggle, because the cops don’t assume they’re a threat. Young black men get shot.

It’s a sad revelation, every time we get reminded of how racist police are in this country. Kudos to April from pointing out America’s shameful racist attitude towards black people. SMH.


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