Fashion Week in New York: Mz. Rih Rih… Can You Even See What’s Going On???

- By Bossip Staff

It’s Fashion Week in NY and all the celebs that are fashionable or at least THINK they have style, will be flooding the streets. We all know that Mz. Rihanna would not miss these events for “NOTHING.” Those glasses are definitely fashionable but the blonde piece, with the red lips and the electric blue eye shadow… We’ll let you make that call

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  • Hannibal

  • Hannibal


  • Nique

    Rihanna looks good, but those lop-sided shades are NOT the business!

  • I'm Just Me- Thank you Lord for another day!

    Keri and Rhi look great.

    I am sorry, just not feeling Solange with her hair off like that. It doesn’t fit her too well.

  • Moreaces (Cowboys=God's Team)

    Grace Jones

  • soulwoman

    Rhianna looks good. Solange and Keri…not so much. Sorry to say, but Solange looks like she is sick with a deadly disease.

  • Born

    Can you put some real entertainers up, like maybe some triple threats? Someone that can dance, sing and act…the mediocrity is killing me.

  • Back On My Swag

    Rhi Rhi is killing em!! She looks hot!! I must say the frames are a different, but I like different. Amber Rose had on a similar pair and I liked them on her too. I wouldn’t rock them, but these girls are doing it!! PUSH, PUSH, FIERCE!!

  • vp

    i have no problem with Rhi Rhi but im definately starting to feel more like shes just a true biter in the essence of the word. @ least the other celebs are original enough to walk out with a mistake and devolope thier style further she just seem like a doll they dress up and try to push the limits with to get reaction not a true fashionista. need any proof check out her when she first came out and there was NO transition so….

  • The Real Housewife of Houston

    Solo looks beautiful, not to many checks can rock a bald head and she does it oh so well!

  • vp

    and i know most people dont keep up but those shades were out @ lest a year ago and the dress ill give it 2 years.

  • The Real Housewife of Houston

    Rhiana looks like a re run of Amber Rose, she had the same outfit including similar glasses in another post

  • Born

    Solange is a black woman wearing her natural hair. You dont’ likw her hair, who gives a damn? Really.

    She has baby clothing line, makes albums for children, gives to charities, acts (better than her sister I might etc….she is not thinking about us, she is ging about her life.

  • Born


  • mjs fanatic

    rihanna is ok even though im not feelin the earrings and keri hilson too but solo no comment

  • Jade Hummingbyrd

    I was wondering about that bit about Rihanna too…like at what point did she wake up and just become this “fasionista/ fashion-maven” person? It seems to be all she does for a living now, but I remember when she first came out and her style was nothing like this…but then, maybe she didn’t HAVE a style of her own so her people stole Fefe Dobson’s ish from Canada and decided to make it bigger and better…

  • BlackBeauty

    She looks like she’s trying to keep up with Amber, but this is not a good look for her. Stop trying so hard RiRi, you have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself. SMDH


    This is the first time Keri Hilson looks actually nice. She should keep her hair that length and color and nice clothing choice.

    I HATE Solange’s lipstick choice but I love that hair cut on her but the bell man’s jacket has to GO!

  • jjj / Proud Jamaican

    Rihanna looks so fabulous! She is the most fabulous of them all!
    I heard that Rihanna caused a frenzy yesterday at the fashion event… people went nutz in her presence. They loved her…

  • Niasia

    She should just become a model…she obviously can’t sing or dance!

  • CubaLinda

    If Solange is going to wear her hair that way, she needs to change the color of her make up which is too dramatic. There is enuff edge with the hair cut, the makeup should be natural looking and bring out her eyes more. Not startling red lips and dragon brows. She also needs bold earrings…

  • Re- Remembering 9/11

    Is Solange wearing peices of a curtain on her jacket?



  • Melinda

    Ri Ri looks hot. Her voice irks me but she sure is a gorgeous girl.
    Love the pic where she’s smiling to the camera. Go on girl with wit’ yo bad self.

  • The_Hot_1

    rihanna is not pretty…so she has to be stylish. keri hilson is beautiful…but she has no style. i actually like solange’s hair. it looks cute.

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