Florida Crazies: A Snake Saves A Woman From Being Raped And Killed By Home Invader

- By Bossip Staff

Snake Saves Florida Woman From Rape And Possible Murder

This is one of the craziest and most extraordinary stories we’ve ever reported…even for Florida.

According to ABC7, a woman was choked unconscious and under threat of rape and murder, but she was saved by a snake.

That’s right, a snake.

The unidentified woman said she found the sneaky serpent in her bathroom and called the cops. Soon as she hung up the phone she was grabbed by a home invader and choked and threaten with sex assault and death.

But then:

The report says Porter took off the woman’s underwear and threatened to kill her.

The victim told Porter to get condoms from another room. When he got off her, she ran outside to deputies responding to the snake call.

The woman says she knows her attacker, 28-year-old Malcolm Porter, and believes he was high off Molly.

This guy probably would have gotten away with his heinous act if it weren’t for that damn snake.

Told you the story was crazy.

Image via ABC7

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