Paris Jackson Says “All Anyone Wants To Talk About Is My Father And It Makes Me Sad”

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Paris Jackson Sheds Tears Over Father MJ In Harper’s Bazaar

Paris Jackson is out to make her own mark according to her Harper’s Bazaar cover story “Paris In The Spring”. It seems appropriate that Paris is ready to bloom, the only daughter of pop sensation Michael Jackson is now 18-years-old. In the article Paris is described as a utilitarian princess that people stop and stare at from fashion showcases to the airport. Paparazzi loves her. And all of it is owed to her wildly famous father. Unfortunately, according to Paris, her dad’s death still strikes a cord with her. Candace Bushnell, who went to interview the pop heiress, describes a somber moment between Paris and a stranger.

Her phone rings. She picks it up and frowns at the number. “I’m so sorry,” she says politely. “I have to take this.”

It’s the photographer from Rolling Stone; Paris has just appeared on the cover. The reaction has been phenomenal, he tells Paris, then advises her not to worry about all the nasty stuff about her online. Social media was going wild with some of the sound bites from her interview.

Paris opens her striking blue eyes very wide. At that moment she looks like an ancient goddess, with her bright tattoos and the pile of necklaces around her neck. “I’ll call you back, I promise,” she says in a modulated tone. “I’m sorry?” she asks. Paris has very nice manners, the kind one picks up being around English aristocracy. “No, I’m great,” she insists quietly. “I’m totally fine.” She suddenly stiffens. “Yeah, that’s going to happen; it’s part of life. I’m not too worried about it. Yeah, don’t stress out,” Paris says with an eerie calmness into the phone.

She hangs up and tosses the phone onto the couch, grabbing a blanket and wrapping it tightly around her shoulders. It’s obvious that, protestations aside, Paris is now not fine. She isn’t crying, but it’s as if she’s looking inward at some film loop playing over and over in her head.

I suggest that we go outside for some air. We sit down on a brick wall, and for a moment neither one of us speaks. The green grass is almost Technicolor. I can’t help but wonder how many times Michael Jackson sat staring at the very same grass while contemplating his fate when he was about Paris’s age.

“Paris?” I ask. “Are you okay?”

“All anyone wants to talk about is my father, and it makes me sad,” she says mournfully, in a voice so quiet it’s almost a whisper.

Awww man, who needs tissue? It must be really hard losing a dad that’s so know and loved by many. Paris said MJ used to tell her she was his favorite child. She is his only daughter, she has two brothers. You can see some of Paris’ Madonna-inspired editorial photos from the HB interview on the next pages.

Photo cred: Jean-Paul Goude

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