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Newcastle University Given Permission To Make 3 Parent Baby

Are you ready for GMO Babies??

Baby making is about to get sophisticated, now that a University has been granted the permission to allow parents to fertilize with a 3rd person’s mitochondria. According to Buzzfeed, The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) has given the license to researchers at Newcastle University to make a “three parent” baby . A mother with mitochondrial disease will have their mitochondria extracted from their eggs. The egg then gets another healthy person’s mitochondria, then IVF is carried out in the normal way, with a male parent. Voila, a child with a healthier DNA design.

This comes as great news to small percentage of moms that carry unhealthy mitochondria, which gets carried to their baby’s. Mitochondrial disease is relatively rare, affecting perhaps 3,500 women in Britain. But because mitochondria are only passed down from mothers, it can be impossible for women with the condition to have healthy children.




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