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High School Students Get Gender Neutral Restrooms

The Westport News is reporting that Staples High School in Connecticut just introduced a gender neutral bathroom for students to promote and practice tolerance. This new policy will allow transgender students like freshman, Sky Beck, to feel comfortable while on a bathroom break.

In response to President Trumps decision to revoke federal protections that allowed transgender students to use restrooms matching their gender identities, Sky Beck says “No one in their right mind should deny someone their right,” Beck said. “It’s a human rights violation.” Last summer, Staples HS converted three staff restrooms into unisex bathrooms that can be accessed by all students after obtaining a key. Now Becks and Staple High School’s LGBT students all have options on where they choose to use the restroom.

Staples HS runs their own GSA (Gender Sexual Alliance) group, advised by Chris Fray. When Fray started at Staples in 1996, LGBTQ students all over the country were “really closeted,” he recalled. “Very few, if any kids were out. They didn’t tell their parents about it. If they knew, parents would forbid them from coming to our meetings.”

Hooray for tolerance.

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