Another Gold-Digger Bites the Dust

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Posted by Bossip Staff

MJ must be giddy than a mf. The judge squashed that gold-digger’s extortion efforts:

“A woman must abide by a previous restraining order to avoid contact with former NBA star Michael Jordan and stop using litigation regarding the order to claim he fathered her child.

Miceli [the gold-digger] has argued that the restraining order prevents her from negotiating a child-support settlement with Jordan. But Sperling told the court there will be no settlement discussions because Jordan didn’t father her child.”

This trick it nuts. Looks like her dreams of a big pay off have been destroyed. SMH at these unhinged heffahs using their kids as collateral.

Via AP News

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  • As long as the mind is enslaved, the body can never be free

    My 1st bein 1st Yeah even though this story is wack

  • that one girl

    All i can say mike is, you reap what you sow.

  • Taz

    No one reply to @Sherman B. Y.T. just trying to start some racial shyt! Anywho, this broad is nutz too. Restraining order and 2 or 3 paternity test proving that (in your best Maury voice) “Michael Jordan, you are……NOT the father..!!!” Get a life Miceli and stop looking for the come up.

    4th! YEEEES!!!

  • Lauren

    LOL @ thsi chick trying to get child support and she don’t know who her babys daddy is….SMH!

  • Lauren

    @ TAZ, Ur right, nobody should respond to that ignorance….

  • Rotex

    Hey Lauren!

  • GreenEyes

    Im really mad at her tryin to use her baby to sabotage someones life. These hoes will resort to anything.. including using their children as bait to get some $$$.

    If I was him I would sue her ass for defamation of character.

  • Lauren

    Hey Rotex, how u doin boo?

  • Lauren

    @Price of da Brick going up!

    -Thanks babes 🙂 …


    I have nothing against interracial hookups, but these black men pick up the worst white women..

    He left his wife to knock boots with poor ass GROUPIE white chicks.. Typicl NEGRO with money..

    The classiest black women are always overlooked for the trashiest white women..

    If he likes white women, why not find a decent woman? Aren’t there enough successful white women for them to choose from?

  • Lex

    @Yeah I said it, I understand what you’re saying but the man took TWO paternity tests already…No matter who he is messing around with, this broad is unfit and insane and needs to be locked up before she does some harm to herself or her child…This is pathetic…ASking him to take one paternity test is fine, but for a 3rd?

    And then she goes on to say the restraining order is preventing her to negotiate a child support settlement with him, WTF?! Come again? This chick needs HELP!!!

  • Quinda

    Boy this woman knows that she is persistant on getting M.J. If the paternity test has shown three times that he is not the father of her baby then guess what he is not the father. Insted of nailing Michael she should be taking the time to find the real father. The next time she tries to file another motion in court the judge should fine her for waisting the courts time. She needs to get a life and be a mother to her child insted of looking for a payday from someone who owes her nothing.

  • Rotex

    @ Lauren

    Yeah im doing fine, how are you?





  • ms braided beauty the real one

    Black men take heed! what makes you think a white woman is not after your money, especially if you are rich like MJ.. I dont care if you wasnt hanging aroung the ghetto while i was playing ball on the broken down courts with the glass and the pittbulls, you get no love from me when i get rich. I never saw a white girl around the courts when these guys were struggling trying to get their hoopz on… didint even see a white girl in the hood at all… so you want talk about a golddigger!!!!!!!

  • Rotex

    @ ms braided beauty the real one

    C’mon babes, u cnt judge all white women on that.

  • WTF?????

    My question is… In this day and age why are people still having UNPROTECTED SEX. Especially when you have your life plus millions to lose. I don’t get it????

  • Real

    Is this goldigger really white? Really!?

    A white woman named Miceli?

  • Real

    To all of the posters above who wonder why cant these black men with money get a white woman with some class instead of these trashy trainwrecks.

    The answer is simple. Beacuse classy white woman doesnt want a black guy who leaves his wife after years of cheating, and then tryes to get ONLY white woman, there is something suspect about that.

    That is what makes a woman classy, white or black.

  • Lex

    Yeah she’s White…I saw her pic…Well White/Italian something…But she def isn’t Black or Hispanic…

    But I think a lot of us are assuming he went in her raw…I never heard him admit that…This chick just maybe reaching plain and simple…


    @ yeah I Said It…. So I see, your solution to our gold-digging phenomenon is celibacy?

    Every woman that a rich man may meet, is that potential gold-digger, with a degree in acting. And in addition, I guess you don’t know that 90% of the reasons men strive to achieve wealth and fame is to increase the mating potential ratio. As a matter of fact, 90% of anything that a man does, is to increase his mating potential. So, getting rich, yet opting not to get laid overfull, would defeat the initial reason of getting paid, by at least 90%. Tragically enough, whether you realize it or not, it is not, as the song says –“money rules everything around me G“. (No G DOG).

    It is mostly the VAGINA. E.

  • afan

    This girl was nothing but a groupie that he hasn’t seen since 2001. She has been stalking mj since then.

    I wonder about people who keep saying that mj didn’t use a condom. Using a condom isn’t gonna prevent a gold digger from claiming that you fathered their child.

  • Ro

    Someone puh-leeease tell MJ that that cigar doesn’t look stylish, it makes him look old fashioned, especially with those old fashioned jeans.

  • Goldiggers are whack


    read this!

  • Bruhmann

    “I have nothing against interracial hookups, but these black men pick up the worst white women..

    He left his wife to knock boots with poor ass GROUPIE white chicks.. Typicl NEGRO with money..

    The classiest black women are always overlooked for the trashiest white women..

    If he likes white women, why not find a decent woman? Aren’t there enough successful white women for them to choose from?”–SHANGO BAPTIST


    Sure, there are millions of intelligent, successful white women to choose from. The problem is, a class, intelligent, successful white woman, or for that matter, any classy, intelligent, successful woman of any race, would not want to deal with a numbskull like Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, or OJ Simpson. What could they possibly have in common?

    It is not true that classy black women are overlooked for trashy white women. The vast majority of successful black doctors, attorneys, businessmen, etc. are married to black women. Most of the women these men chose to date and marry are comparable to them in education and professional attainment.

    Ignorant, semi-literate black athletes and entertainers are such a small part of our population, but they are the ones that get all the attention because of their high profile careers. For some reason, people assume that what these social deviants do accurately reflects on the larger black community…which is false.

    If you take money out of these guys lives, they wouldn’t be getting any real play from the ladies because they really have nothing substantial to offer. The fact that all they seem to attract, marry, and procreate with is ignorant, low class, semi-literate idiots is indicative of their true status as human beings.

    Money does not elevate you. It just gives you the freedom to be what you truly are.

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