Amber Sticks her Tongue Down Kanye’s Throat…

- By Bossip Staff

One of our Bossip Readers sent us a picture of Amber and Kanye swapping spit at the Jay-Z concert. Most of the time when two people kiss, you can feel the love in the air. But with these two, all we see is:

Two Hard Heads + A Soft A** + A Un-interested Kanye = “GROSS”

Pop it For a View…

Get a Room…

Image Via Marjorie G.

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  • She Knows...

    I livvvve for Amber!!!!!

  • LS

    Pure comedy….he doesnt even care….and it does look quite creepy…lol

  • Khristal

    Damn I guess it really is LOVE?????

  • Cynthia

    maybe the contacts were scaring him lol

  • She Knows...

    They did look great…and I love the way theu look at each other…treat her better than you did Alexis Kanye!!

  • blackexec

    Amber is HOT!

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  • Cassie

    Kanye – “jigga i maybe kissing her but im picturing you”

  • http://Bossip hhejames

    I think Amber Rose is the one of the best looking women I’ve ever seen.

  • noelle

    Oh, Ye. Look interested!



  • Moreaces

    A page from TMZ, they like taking pic’s just as folks are starting to close/shut their eyes… News? Not.

  • Roxy09

    I think he loves her!

  • dayg715

    looks like two men gettin’ it on.

  • j

    she looks like a man ‘ that’s why kanye is with her & that bald head. she isn’t even “beautiful” she in love with that money and the fame she is getting thats why she gone be all up under his ass

  • josh

    LOL I love how someone just stood like 2ft away from them and took a pic. I bet Ye flipped out on them haha.


    first since noone said first

  • Coco

    I would hardly call that a passionate kiss.

  • Gmen

    DAMN Amber is ugly! wow

  • who cares?

    I bet Jay never gets a kiss like that from bey!!

  • B-nice

    Is it just me or does this woman look like an “ALIEN”??


    @ Cassie
    Kanye – “jigga i maybe kissing her but im picturing you”
    You are so right, when is Kanye coming out of his dusty god forsaken closet. It’s really crazy that he tells people to stop homophobia yet he can’t even be honest with his fans. SMH!! I worry about him…sometimes.

    Can someone explain why Kanye is scared of the Camel? Is it because he forgot the lube?

  • sarah

    the taste on her breath.cigarette, Pu@#Y & D@#K ..but taste bad YE!

  • **aintnoshameinmygame**

    Another DL Brotha………

  • jusss

    she got a big head

  • phenasha

    not to b funny bt whoeva took tht pic got real close to tht bald head…lol

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