Are You Feelin This Get Up????

- By Bossip Staff

Rihanna was spotted at the 2nd Annual House of Hype Directors’ Dinner in this sequins lace get-up looking like something straight out of the 80’s.  Uh, we’re not sure if we’re feeling this one Rih…try again.

Flip the hood for more pics.

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  • Kay

    I like it, she can pull of n e thing!!!

  • Kay

    Oh my I was finally first at something!!!!! LOL GO Kaylan!

  • Miss Kesha (twitter .com/miss_kesha)

    Fail. Don’t like it, seems like she’s trying too hard. She’s still cute, but that outfit…those shades….just, no.

  • She Knows...

    Poor Ri Ri, she has to try extra hard after Amber showed her up in that silver catsuit…better step your cookies up Ri Ri Miz Amber is coming for that ass…

  • rosie

    love it. She kinda looks like Prince

  • i said...

    It suits her, and her body looks good in it.Talentless, but chic.Can’t take that away from her…

  • GTFOH With the DUMB

    Females that drool over & want to lick female celebrities cl*ts all day every day are definitely not hot.

    Why is she posing like Amber these days?

  • babez802

    shes definetly trying hard.

  • lalamari888

    Cute look for her

  • coolbeans

    I like it minus the glasses..
    and is she really posing like Amber Rose?
    ha google her at red carpet events..she been posing like that GTFOH

  • coolbeans

    LMAO@ people comparing Amber Rose to “REAL” celebs who next BEYONCE?.. Amber Rose might have wore it first but RIRI did it better believe it!

  • She Knows...

    Please, if somebody wore it first why waste your time trying to repeat history unless your scared someone is going to take your spot? I mean lets be real, the only reason Ri Ri can “sing” is because of autotune anyway…

  • She Knows...

    If it wasn’t for umbrella and a great haircut nobody would be checkin for Rihanna and yall would still be hatin on this chicks 5 head…

  • nooo

    she fell of!! its all bout amber rose !! rhi has been trying to hard lately

  • jj

    she looks great as usual. fierce…awesome

  • And What??

    I think the outfit looks ok from the waist down.

  • cocoa49

    hey she’s rhi rhi…..she can wear anything

  • goons

    ha ha..i said the same thing..sorry rihanna amber is creeping up and slamming you are playing catch up, she wore a silver one yesterday and was off the hook..

    i agree rihanna is even trying to copy amber rose’s pose to as well..i see it and am lmaooooo at this child..she studies everyone and amber and she is killing rihanna now..ha ha

  • She Knows...

    Team Amber!

  • i said...

    @ She Knows..

    I’ve been saying the same thing ever since ‘Umbrella’ popped off. I honestly couldn’t understand what this girl’s appeal was. Thank God for her she ran into an abuse scandal opportunity.That saved her from falling off.

    The simple fact that she has a team of A+ stylists, voice coaches,etc basically insured her success. Her publicist is a BEAST.She’s not only an investment, but an opportunist.And the minute she stops drawing hype, it’s over for her….

  • Tell them bishs to FALL BACK

    I find it hilarious how only BLACKS praise this girl Amber..bishs would break there neck defending her and whites(other races) wellllllllllllll I cant say the same! Any who Rihanna looks good!

  • LovinMJ81

    I think she looks great. Everybody’s talking about Amber but she had a snakeskin dress on the other day and it was awful!

  • Dirty Diana...Let Me Be ♪


    love it. She kinda looks like Prince


    this is not a compliment….lol

  • She Knows...

    Why does it matter what color she is? This is 2009 girl, looking good is not defined to what race you are…

  • jjj / Proud Jamaican

    Totally love it! The makeup and everything; she looks cute.
    The outfit is fashionable and original… I haven’t seen anyone in it. Rihanna is usually giving us something new and edgy.

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