Which One is Packin’??

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Diddy and Gnarls Barkley both attended the SNL afterparty last night in NYC. Both fellows possess an above average build, but if you had to guess: Which one of these gentlemen are packin’?

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  • southside chick

    Hello everyone

  • Lex


  • frenchblack

    diddy is average gnarls is short and fat

  • getit

    none of dem, n is it just me or does diddy look somalian

  • mzjackson88

    I would hope both, but probaly neither lol

  • mzjackson88

    But than again diddy must have something cus of the way he had Kim ass bent so who knows

  • http://www.kingsize.no ayi

    didy don’t look somalian……..and i think diddy is packing

  • Dimple Pink

    Ceelo needs to give it up and come out the damn closet. What the hell was he wearing? His first 1/2 performance on SNL was weird and uncomfortable. I mean what the hell was that? I want Ceelo back. I want the dude who did that banging drop on Outkast’s Aquemini joint “liberation”. This new wave new age hip hop/pop sound is killing me. I think Ebadu did a good job w/ the sound but I don’t even recognize his sound anymore its so out there. I will check the new album b/c “St Elsewhere” wasn’t all that bad plus I’m a ceelo fan so Ill give it a chance but homey come out the closet. It’s alright.

  • so 510 bay

    yea more than likly none of the above diddy to fruity to be ‘packin’

  • http://aol.com MISS MISSY

    I’m gone jump on out here and say NEITHER! Man C-lo is short and thick, his dick is little, period. Diddy might not be exactly small but as many women as Diddy hit, if he was “Packin” we would of heard that by now. I’m sure Superhead would have shared that information with the WORLD! LOL…

  • DC Gal

    In an regular world neither could get it cause they both are UGLY. But in the $$$$$$$$$$$ World I still wouldn’t let that UGLY CEELOO look at me. I guess I would give it to PUFFY with $$$$$$$$$$. Cee LOO couldnt F_CK my dog.

  • memchee

    lol……can’t believe yall going there with these 2.

    i cain’t even pic diddy havin’ one……he’s so disgusting to me.

  • SayIt

    Diddy, becuz he’s so damn cocky, or maybe he has a real lil one, that could also explain why he’s so arrogant, some guys use over confidence 2 make up 4 ther shortcommings.

  • badazbrwnsuga

    i don’t either one of them is packing!!!!

    puffy is probaly just that puffy!!!!!! lmao

  • badazbrwnsuga

    i don’t think either one of them is packing!!!!

    puffy is probaly just that puffy!!!!!! lmao

  • Ms. Homeboi

    I’m going to have to agree with masses and say neither. Diddy is probably average, Cee-Lo has the build of someone with an invisi-dick…But I’m SURE he has other skills…LOL…

  • Nik

    I guess Diddy, GB is morbidly obese yuck

  • prettprett

    Looks like the only thing Ceelo is packin a spamburger and we all know Diddy azz isnt packin nathan but fudge.

  • cee jay

    being that we all sew ceelo’s man snake on another web site with paris hilton on her knees doing the do i would say ceelo kills the myth that fat men don’t have big D#$%@

  • I'm Just Me


  • hottie504

    Unless you’re talking about a pistol, neither one of them!!HA!

  • Honeydipt

    LMAO, I don’t know about the d*ck department (and honestly, I shudder to think about either of them in THAT way) but if it’s “teef” you’re talking about, then Diddy wins–by mutha fu*kin’ landslide!

  • BKBella

    Neither!…but if i had to choose which one I’d have to hit it would def. be Diddy

  • YBG

    YUCK! Why go there? I don’t want to know nor do I care if they are packing?

  • Suga Mo

    Dudes name is C-Lo, from GOODIE Mob, remember????? Neither have the above average build unless you’re talking about which one has bigger man boobs. Yall are wrong for even thinking about it. I just lost my appetite.

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