T. O. joins Minstrel Monstrosity

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Terrell Owens is set to guest star in newest Flavor Flav production:

“Looks like two of the most eligible black celebrity bachelors are joining forces.

NFL star Terrell Owens (T.O.) is set to guest star in an upcoming episode of Flavor Flav’s new TV series ‘Under One Roof.'”

We have to wonder why Terrell agreed to appear on the show. Surely, he can’t be in it for the money. The worst part is that Flav managed to get more airtime. It seems like this fool can’t wait to get his shuck and jive on.


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  • so 510 bay


  • Dimple Pink

    This shoe will disappear off air after 6-10 episodes. Flav is a joke and I can’t understand for the life of me why any network would throw money at this coon. Just disgusting!

  • Dimple Pink


  • memchee

    can’t understand why t.o. would join the likes of flava.

    Flava…..this is what happens when ur broke….pimping himself to look like the oldskool steppin fetchin

  • http://www.myspace.com/SAxlerod SAxlerod

    If it was anybody else doing this show, it would seem kind of normal. But for some reason, Flav and the producers of this train wreck, seem to make this into a serious throw-way-back to the Minstrel days presentation. Flav’s given up cred (especially for Public Enemy), respect and responsibility all for 15 minutes of fame and money. In a sense, it would be like Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, any member of the Black Panther Party or Al Sharpton (then again he may work) being in Flav’s position. For some they may see ‘Flavor of Love” as cutting edge but many see it as you described it as a “Minstrel Monstrosity”. It’s true and it keeps the stereotype mentality alive and well in the eyes and minds of the country’s extreme racists.

  • tj

    Yet another example of the entertainment industry taking an obviously mentally ill black man and using him to subtly make fun of black people in a broader sense.

    Also I have it on good authority that TO swings both ways… random and off topic but oh well… supposedly he loves white boys.. just information.

  • Bohwe

    This is indirectly a way of Corporate America getting back at Black people for unifying and supporting Obama in mass numbers. Think about it, Black Americans had a history of not supporting each other, being drawn to stupid things and not education, and suddenly an ivy league educated African American is making the race look good, and is articulate, educated, etc, and suddenly a t.v. which is mainstream is created depicted black men in the same ministrel shows of the past. This is nothing but getting paid back. It won’t last because black people are starting to change and want better representation.

  • tj

    I’ve heard of TO using cocaine, but nothing about crack. Flava Flav has been on crack. There’s a big difference between doing something 75 percent of the people you see on this blog do (trust me they do as Pharrell said “everyone nose”) and smoking crack.

  • EffYou

    I hate when people always use the defense “Well he’s making money” So u mean to tell me money is worth more than your dignity and respect??? ..So it’s cool to look like a compltete fool on t.v as long as your getting paid ?? I wonder what chuck D thinks about all of flav’s coonin…smh

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    A sitcom and Flavor of Love are two totally differant things. It looks like Flav just parlayed his reality career into a real acting career. Why hate him for that? There is no reason for Terrell not to appear on a sitcom.

  • Billups

    Hotlanta is T.O.’s ex-wife..

  • Anonymous

    I am not going to watch the show. I like the other guy but I do not like Flava Flav. We have so many talented hard working actors out there but they continue to shine the spotlight on this Bafoonary.

  • Royal Chocolate

    I can see why Flav is working so hard but why can’t T.O. just play football…..oops, I forgot, he’s not as good at it as he is crazy stunts like this. Oh, well….it’s a check.

  • Chaka

    Flav is an embarrassment. I no longer watch VH1 and their Jerry Springer minstrel shows.

  • Yin/Yang

    Don’t hate on Flav getting money HE HAS KIDS TO FEED.

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